China Fabric Factory Fabric News Girls who love beauty should wear this way this summer (short-sleeved T-shirt matching sharing)

Girls who love beauty should wear this way this summer (short-sleeved T-shirt matching sharing)

In winter, everyone is frozen I tremble, don’t like to move, and love eating and drinking all kinds of things. It is inevitable that I will gain weight several times. I promi…

In winter, everyone is frozen I tremble, don’t like to move, and love eating and drinking all kinds of things. It is inevitable that I will gain weight several times. I promised to lose weight in the spring, but in the summer, the effect is not great. So how can I cover up my fatness at this time? ? Over time, it will naturally become the thing that girls care about most! After all, you might want to wear a tight-fitting hottie outfit that exposes your waist on a hot day, but you end up having to hold in your breath so as not to expose your flesh. Then, within less than one meal, his true colors were immediately revealed! Also, occasionally you want to wear a unique low-cut dress to show off your sexy charm, and you must always prevent exposure!

At this time, basic T-shirts that are loose and cover the flesh and are versatile and not picky will naturally become the biggest winner in the fashion industry! Walking on the streets, men, women and children are wearing them! But here comes the problem! Loose and basic T-shirts should not be worn casually. If you don’t match them well with other items or don’t wear them correctly, they will tell you in a minute what it means to have the same person but different destiny!

As shown in the picture above, the two outfit effects are good proof. Of course, summer has just begun, and we still have time to make amends! Follow us to learn a few tips that will help you improve your fashion sense and win back attention in minutes.

The first type: good at using silk scarves

First of all, let me share the first tip, which is to use a small silk scarf. Don’t think that those silk scarves are just props for mothers to take photos when they go out to play! This is not the case, today we use it to add style to your ordinary outfit! You must have a solid color T-shirt in your wardrobe that you are tired of seeing. Don’t think about throwing it away. You can tie a colorful silk scarf on the shoulder and use a small area of ​​contrasting color embellishment to change the look of passersby.

Isn’t it very practical? A silk scarf for just a few dollars can help you change old clothes and get new ones. The key is that the scarf does not need to be fixed and can be used repeatedly for other items, so isn’t it delicious? In the last step, remember that the scarf is consistent with the clothing style and color. Small polka dots, fashionable stripes, and sweet prints are all good!

Second type: roll up sleeves

<span style="color ; slovenly! Ha! Our suggestion is to roll up the sleeves on both sides, so that the layering appears immediately!

Especially for ordinary pure white T-shirts, after rolling up the cuffs, the slope will extend upward, which will virtually give your white T-shirt a different flavor, and your arms will become thinner and longer. ! At this time, the painting style became casual and lazy, holding a straw bag, canvas bag, etc., so beautiful and careless!

The third method: accessories embellishment

Every girl’s home will have some small accessories more or less, and they are indispensable all year round, so at this time Take it out quickly. Even though they are small, they don’t stand up much.��, after adding it to your T-shirt outfit, your whole temperament will immediately become different!

Which necklace should you choose to match with a T-shirt? Consider metal necklaces, which have become extremely popular in recent years! As shown in the picture above, wearing two pieces on top of each other instantly reveals a fashionable and cool look! Adding hats, sunglasses, etc. will make your outfit more detailed!

The necklines of some T-shirts are small after all, so wearing them like this naturally takes up the length of the neck. In order to avoid being bulky at this time, you can choose to embellished with a pearl necklace to increase the sense of space at the neck. It is so delicate and elegant, showing off A sense of wealth.

The fourth way: girl group knotting method

In order to be more comfortable and breathable, most of us choose loose T-shirts. At this time, we don’t necessarily have to tuck in the corners of our clothes. It’s already a mess. How to wear it! You can learn from the popular girl group knotting method. As shown in the picture above, it is very casual and lazy, and it also shows off your figure and reveals your small waist.

Small girls wearing T-shirts must not miss this girl group knotting method. It will make you more sexy and at the same time, the proportions of your good figure will not be lost. The knotted pleats will add a sense of design and make you look slimmer. The effect is good.

There is no natural beauty, but we have the ability to change our destiny. Every beautiful and outstanding woman can find the right outfit and create her own charm through hard work.

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