China Fabric Factory Fabric News The way to wear T-shirts has been upgraded (these 3 high-end combinations are fashionable and slimming)

The way to wear T-shirts has been upgraded (these 3 high-end combinations are fashionable and slimming)

No matter men, women, or children, there is always a place for T-shirts in your wardrobe. As the “big brother” in the dressing world, T-shirts can be said to be very cl…

No matter men, women, or children, there is always a place for T-shirts in your wardrobe. As the “big brother” in the dressing world, T-shirts can be said to be very classic and common. However, precisely because of the universality of T-shirts, how to wear T-shirts with personality and fashion has become a problem for many urban women who love beauty. The troublesome thing is that you still need to think carefully about the techniques involved.

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However, one thing must be made clear. If you want to wear a simple T-shirt in a pattern, of course you cannot match it with this ordinary basic look. Ordinary printed white T-shirts + jeans have long been worn. It has become a “bad street” outfit. To be fashionable, you have to try new things.
In fact, for “style novices”, the most effective way to learn dressing skills is to find bloggers whose style they like and learn their style routines. The way of wearing T-shirts has actually been “upgraded”. Just take a look at fashion blogger Miki and you will know that her “high-end” combinations of these three T-shirts are not only fashionable but also slimming! Let’s learn her advanced T-shirt style together!
The first type: personalized version + basic bottoms
①Choice of T-shirt: high shoulder line
The most important point in wearing a T-shirt is actually the choice of T-shirt. For most people, the shoulder line of a T-shirt determines the overall appearance and the style and temperament created. The shoulder line is the junction line between the shoulder and the arm. If this junction line is closer to the shoulder, it is called the “high shoulder line.”
Why choose a high-shoulder T-shirt? Just look at this picture. Although she is a female celebrity with a superior figure, when she chooses a low-shoulder T-shirt, she often gives people the feeling of having a hunched chest, thick hands and thick shoulders, which makes her look fat and not elegant.
On the contrary, T-shirts with high shoulder lines make people more energetic and narrow the lateral proportion of the shoulders, which not only makes you look slimmer, but also increases the overall youthful and playful look. For middle-aged women, Friends, it has excellent age-reducing effect.
②Add personalized design
Choose the correct style of T-shirt to make the overall T-shirt look more fashionable. In addition to paying attention to the overall shape of the T-shirt, some cuts and designs can also give the T-shirt a high-end feel and individual style. For example, a T-shirt with a V-neck, U-shaped collar or one-shoulder design can reveal the delicate collarbone and lengthen the line of the neck. These small details can make the outfit more refined.
In addition to increasing the neckline design of T-shirts, many designers have also focused on T-shirt hems in recent years. Choosing T-shirts with pleats, folds, waist and other designs on the hem actually have an excellent effect on modifying the lines of the waist. Trying more of these T-shirts can make your outfit more advanced and individual.
③Designed T-shirt + basic dad pants
With the blessing of a designed T-shirt, paired with basic bottoms, it is not easy to have a “bad street” feeling. Among the many T-shirt outfits Miki wears, she often chooses a pair of dad pants as her bottoms. The style of dad pants is loose and drapey, which can modify the lines of the legs. It has a comfort comparable to that of wide-leg pants. The effect of slimming and lengthening the legs can be said to be better than that of many pants styles. , the upper body is full of fashion sense.
④Designed T-shirt + harem pants
You can also try pairing a T-shirt with a folded waist design with harem pants, so that you can easily get a good figure. The design of the T-shirt makes the outfit stand out and avoids monotony. The pleated tightening design of the waist visually highlights the line of the waist, while the harem pants can perfectly fit the pear shape caused by sitting for a long time in most urban women. Shape-shaped figure, loose and linear, simple and yet stylish, it is the first choice for fashionable and slimming outfits!
The second type: T-shirt + business style item
From a style perspective, the biggest feature of T-shirts is that they have an obvious sense of leisure. It is precisely because of this outstanding feature that many fashion bloggers They just caught the casual style of T-shirts in matching, matching them with other items with the same outstanding style, or even items that seem to have nothing to do with the casual feel, using mix and match to create fashion sparks.
①T-shirt + business style straight skirt
The straight skirt always reminds people of wearing a skirt in a suit. Even though it has a good modification effect on the hip and hip lines, it is still suitable for daily wear. Many people worry about how to avoid the “professional feel” of straight skirts. In fact, pair it with a loose and casual T-shirt and tie it up to highlight the waistline. This “one loose and one close” matching method can combine comfort and body modification. The T-shirt also makes the outfit more everyday. It looks casual yet classy.
②T-shirt + suit jacket
The lines and tailoring of suit jackets have a good slimming effect. The mixing method of using suit jackets with casual T-shirts has become particularly popular in recent years. Very suitable for the recent season.
There are two ways to match a suit with a T-shirt. One is to match a suit jacket with a T-shirt in a casual style, adding a high-end feel from the suit to the T-shirt and highlighting the overall lines. ; The other is to replace the inner shirt with a casual T-shirt in the suit. It is recommended that the neckline should be a V-shaped or U-shaped large neckline to avoid being too compact. This combination can keep the suit decent and elegant. At the same time, it makes the temperament appear softer and more friendly.
③T-shirt + wide-leg trousers
The suit emphasizes the sense of lines, among which the trousers are also the highlight of the item.�A good tool for leg lines and leg length. Choose wide-leg trousers. The expanded trouser legs can make the lines of the bottoms more prominent. The casual style T-shirt and business-style trousers complement each other and combine high-end decency with casual and easy-going temperament. It is worth trying.
Third method: How to layer T-shirts
As an “advanced technique” that can be applied all year round, layering must also have a place in the upgraded version of T-shirts.
① Stacking of T-shirts + T-shirts
The simplest and most basic method of layering T-shirts is to layer T-shirts. To put it simply, it means layering a T-shirt inside a T-shirt, and attention should be paid to exposing the sleeves and hem of the inner T-shirt, and the colors of the two T-shirts should be contrasting (but they need to be the same color or similar colors, or neutral colors). This kind of layering can add layering to the outfit, and even a basic T-shirt can be worn in a fashionable style.
②The stacking of T-shirts + shirts
The stacking of T-shirts and shirts will have a Japanese feel, which can well highlight the temperament of middle-aged female friends. There are two things to pay attention to in this outfit. The first is to use the method of tying the waist to expose the inner T-shirt as much as possible, and to collect the hem of the shirt, which not only emphasizes the waistline, but also avoids wearing too much. The second thing is that the shirt is not buttoned when wearing it. This way of wearing also establishes the casual and natural style tone of the overall outfit.
If you choose the right combination, an ordinary T-shirt can also look fashionable and high-end. Everyone might as well try the three “high-end” T-shirt combinations from blogger Miki and upgrade your T-shirt outfits!

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