China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to wear a white T-shirt fashionably in summer (3 tips to reveal who looks better in it)

How to wear a white T-shirt fashionably in summer (3 tips to reveal who looks better in it)

As a versatile player in the wardrobe, white T-shirts are particularly popular in summer. The clean white color is very cool and is a perfect match for summer. Although white T-shi…

As a versatile player in the wardrobe, white T-shirts are particularly popular in summer. The clean white color is very cool and is a perfect match for summer. Although white T-shirts are versatile and comfortable, it is true that they are difficult to wear to create your own unique look. I’ll teach you three tips on how to look fashionable in a white T-shirt, who will look better in it!

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White T-shirts are a favorite item for many lazy people. After all, they look good when worn casually. From high-end luxury brands to niche brands, the casual feel of white T-shirts is their outstanding symbol. How to make a casual white T-shirt look fashionable? First of all, we must first do a good job in selecting models.
When buying a white T-shirt – you must look at the details
Wearing a white T-shirt fashionable requires some skills, and you can get twice the result with half the effort by paying more attention when choosing a style. What are the must-see details when buying a white T-shirt? Let’s take a look!
Part1. Fit
The right fit of the white T-shirt will directly affect the effect of the upper body. Only by choosing a white T-shirt based on the characteristics of your body can you maximize your strengths and avoid weaknesses, and let the white T-shirt show off your figure. The perfect side. There are roughly three types of white T-shirts.
(a) Slim-fit version
A white T-shirt that conforms to the contours of the body and does not have much room on the waist and sleeves is a slim-fit version. Fitting the body contour means that it truly reflects the wearer’s figure. Therefore , this version is suitable for girls with no obvious body defects, and bloated apple-shaped figures should be kept away from.
(b) Oversized version
The oversized version of the white T-shirt, which is wider and longer, feels loose when worn. It can easily obscure the body curve and hide the fat. Apple-shaped figures and strawberry-shaped figures with broad shoulders can use this style to hide their body “flaws”, especially girls with larger frames, who can easily wear it to look high-end.
(c) Belly exposed version
Summer is the time to show off your good figure. Belly exposed white T-shirt is the best weapon for hot girls, showing off your mermaid line or small waist, sexy and enthusiastic. If you are a petite girl, pair a midriff-baring T-shirt with high-waisted pants to show off your height.
Part 2. Collar type
The lines of the neckline are of great significance to the presentation of facial lines. Choosing the collar shape of a white T-shirt according to the characteristics of your face is another important detail. The following three collar types have their own characteristics. Choose the corresponding collar type based on actual conditions.
(a) Round neck
The round neck is the most basic collar type. The smooth lines are useless and do not modify the face too much. In terms of temperament, girls with square faces look softer and more down-to-earth. Girls with square faces and sharp temperaments can wear round-neck white T-shirts to look softer. Pay attention to the size of the round neck. A round neck that is too wide will have a sense of expansion, and a round neck that is too small will make the neck appear thick and short. The width of the collarbone is best if it is slightly exposed.
(b) V-neck
Girls with round faces must try a white T-shirt with a V-neck. The V-shaped line stretches the line of sight downward, making the face appear slender invisibly. The V-neck that exposes the collarbone has the best slimming effect. If your face is long, don’t choose a V-shaped neckline to avoid looking uncoordinated.
(c) Square collar
The white T-shirt with square collar is quite special and has a sense of design. For people with big face faces, choosing a white T-shirt for square faces has a certain modification effect, increasing the lines of the face and making the face appear smaller. However, matching a square face with a square collar has greater side effects, so avoid it if you can.
Part 3. Patterned white T-shirts can also be divided into solid colors and printed ones. Both have their own merits and have very different temperaments. It’s less likely to make mistakes when choosing based on style and matching objects.
(a) Solid color
The pure white T-shirt has a more advanced temperament. As a basic style, it is more versatile. Girls who like simple style can pick it up. It looks more formal and can also be worn as commuting wear. Special attention should be paid to solid-color white T-shirts. The thickness should be moderate and must not be see-through, otherwise it will look vulgar.
(b) Printing
Letter printing and various graffiti-style printings are very fashionable. As long as they are paired with solid-color items, they will not look complicated. However, the size of the print should be moderate, and the color should not be too complex, otherwise it will look low. Printed T-shirts with outstanding personality are very suitable for high-profile trendsetters.
Be clever and make a white T-shirt no longer ordinary
It is not difficult to match a white T-shirt without making any mistakes, but it is not easy to wear it fashionably. The following three techniques are all used by fashionistas. If you are worried about how to improve the fashionability of a white T-shirt, you might as well practice it.
★Direct and rough: Tucked into the corner
Wearing a white T-shirt loosely brings the casual temperament to its peak. If you want to make a white T-shirt look high-end and elegant, tucking the corners into your bottoms is the best choice. Isn’t it much neater to just tuck the corners of your clothes into the waistband of your pants? This direct method can temporarily change the style of clothing. For example, you can tuck an oversized white T-shirt into a slim fit.
Don’t want to be more formal? Half-tucked clothes are also very fashionable. Tuck the front half of the tail into the bottoms and arrange it carefully to form smooth lines and a full sense of fashion. The half-tucked corner is not so neat. This technique is equivalent to adding a little detail to a white T-shirt.
White T-shirt + blue wide-leg jeans: The combination of jeans and white T-shirt is casual and comfortable. Tuck the T-shirt into the pants and you will have a cool and fashionable street girl image. If you want to be more street style, Just pair it with a graffiti-printed white T-shirt or a midriff-baring white T-shirt for extra coolness.
White T-shirt + black leather pants: black and white match forever! The white T-shirt should be as simple as possible. The luster of the black leather pants is high-end and sexy. Tuck the T-shirt into the waistband to make it look…Be a little more relaxed and become a girl with personality.
★Frank and handsome: tie a knot
Girls with a bolder personality will tie the hem of a white T-shirt with a knot to make it more circle-like. This method can also transform a loose fit into a slim fit and can be worn in one piece. A completely different feeling. You can also simply tie a knot to expose your abdomen, forming a belly-baring T-shirt, which is like having a new piece of clothing.
It is best not to place the knot in the middle of the abdomen, otherwise it will look a bit strange. It would be better if it is slightly sideways. And the shape of the knot is preferably rounded and spherical, which looks crisp and neat.
White T-shirt + white skirt: The white T-shirt is knotted and paired with a pure white skirt to create a sweet and cool style. Compared with the Xiaojiabiyu-shaped combination, it is more eye-catching. Pure and handsome and sexy are not contradictory at all.
★Stacking: 1+1>2
The white T-shirt has a weak temperament and the style that can be created is relatively single. However, other items can be stacked to create the desired style, especially if the style is different from it. For large items, the effect of layering is 1+1 greater than 2.
Black knitted vest + white T-shirt + jeans: The black knitted vest is not only exclusive for cool boys. Girls use it to layer a white T-shirt. It is elegant and reveals a bit of hippie and personality. Paired with retro jeans, it will look cool. It reminds me of the western cowboys of the last century, and it is also suitable for small girls!
The suspender skirt, which exposes a large area of ​​skin and is not easy to wear out on the street, has also found a good home. Pairing a suspender skirt with a white T-shirt can always blend harmoniously. The sexy suspender skirt style can be reversed to be gentle, which greatly improves the look. The improved utilization rate of single products also makes white T-shirt style interpretation more possible, making it no longer so ordinary.
A white T-shirt is like a piece of white paper. How you paint it will make it beautiful. If your white T-shirt still smells like dirt when you wear it, why not apply the above three techniques?

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