China Fabric Factory Fabric News Keep these 3 points in mind when wearing a T-shirt (so you can look slim and charming)

Keep these 3 points in mind when wearing a T-shirt (so you can look slim and charming)

A woman’s pursuit of beauty can be compared to a moth flying into a flame to a certain extent. It is a firm and persistent sense of belief. As a woman, there is always a sens…

A woman’s pursuit of beauty can be compared to a moth flying into a flame to a certain extent. It is a firm and persistent sense of belief. As a woman, there is always a sense of novelty and excitement about good changes in herself, such as her body becoming thinner and her skin becoming whiter. Almost no one can resist the experience and feeling of becoming beautiful.
In the process of constantly pursuing beauty, sometimes we will find some small changes in our figure. Gaining weight is a problem that almost all women have encountered, not to mention that no woman is completely satisfied with her figure, so 9/10 women have included “weight loss” in their life plans.

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It is easy to gain weight and lose weight. But what should women do if they are born with a wider frame and dress to make them look fat?
The only solution: Optimize your figure with clothing. A truly slimming outfit always requires the right items. As the preferred T-shirt top in summer, how can you wear it to look slimmer? Today, the editor brings you the most complete guide on dressing for a slimming T-shirt▽
A guide on dressing for a slimming T-shirt
T-shirt tops are the simplest in design and the most comfortable to wear. , a T-shirt top, almost covers 90% of our styling in summer. The seemingly simple style actually has many details that can be studied. Below we analyze from three major points the key points of creating T-shirts in different styles.
1: Wear T-shirts with a clear style
① Casual style
Casual daily style matching is the most typical feature of T-shirt tops. Often you only need to choose a solid color T-shirt and pair it with jeans. Or straight-leg black pants, both look clean, casual and everyday. The most basic choice for T-shirt stylists is to use casual style, which is more suitable for novices in dressing.
②Intellectual style
Older women should try not to be too flashy when wearing T-shirts. Use solid colors as the base and the simplest clothing design to create an intellectual and gentle style. It will look more eye-catching. Especially women in their thirties and forties can wear solid-color T-shirts with wide-leg pants and long skirts, using the elegant feel of the clothing to set off the overall mature and intellectual style.
③ Neutral style
Neutral boyfriend style is a very popular T-shirt style nowadays. The looser style of T-shirt you need, the better. Showing a casual, yet loose and fashionable sense of visibility. Compared with some slim-fitting upper body T-shirts, changing the looseness of the top can directly improve the fashion sense. This neutral style can bring a sense of novelty to your T-shirt wear.
④Fashion Style
The more fashionable the T-shirt style is, the more appropriate it is to choose T-shirt tops with appropriate colors, such as striped T-shirts, or simple printed pattern T-shirts, which meet the individual details and tailoring. Coupled with appropriate pattern design, the collision of the two elements can make your T-shirt look extremely eye-catching.
⑤Elegant style
A simple T-shirt top can also create a mature and sexy elegant style. This style is the most recommended to create a slim-fitting short T-shirt top. When paired with trousers or a high-waisted skirt, it can optimize the overall body proportions to the greatest extent, allowing you to instantly have a golden figure of 37 points. The graceful figure and shoulder and neck curves also make the whole look extremely elegant.
Two: Clearly design the T-shirt to wear
①Round neck
The T-shirt top with round neck design is the most basic and simple design. Choosing a small round neck will make the T-shirt top , appears more three-dimensional and formal. The wide round neck T-shirt top is more suitable for daily casual matching. For neutral boyfriend style or casual fashion style, the wide round neck T-shirt top is suitable to be paired with wide-leg pants.
T-shirts with V-neck designs are relatively rare, because most items of this design are used as inner wear. We can often see V-neck T-shirts, most of which are ultra-short-sleeved or printed styles, which are more suitable for matching with sun protection clothing or chiffon jackets to create a subtle layering. The V-neck design is very friendly to women who are overweight and have remote faces, and can optimize the lines of the face and shoulder-neck proportions.
③Asymmetrical hem
In addition to the most common T-shirt designs with symmetrical hem styles, the editor also recommends that you add warp slits or asymmetrical tailoring to the hem of the T-shirt. If we really don’t find the style we like, we can also use the half-tuck dressing technique, where only the front half of the hem is tucked into the waistband of trousers or skirt to create a sense of distinction between front and back length and length, instantly improving your sense of fashion.
Three: Wear T-shirts with a clear figure
① Obese figure
It is difficult for women with obese figures to cover up all their fleshiness when wearing clothes. We can only choose large-size T-shirts with loose designs. shirt to create a casual and lazy style. For example, choosing a bat-style or straight-style T-shirt top can enlarge the dressing space to reduce the direct exposure of the fleshy lines, and use the lines of the T-shirt as much as possible to weaken the overall body lines.
②Slightly fat figure
Women with a slightly fat figure can actually look slimmer when wearing it, just like when wearing a T-shirt top. If you are a woman with a fat lower body, you can choose a short slim T-shirt. T-shirt, paired with wide-leg pants and a long skirt, the fatness below the waistline can be completely modified. If you have a fat upper body, choose a profile T-shirt and pair it with slimmer straight pants to form a contrast between the upper and lower items, visually.�It can optimize the body shape very well.
③Slender figure
A woman with a slim figure has a lot of room to wear any clothing, but as far as the T-shirt shape is concerned, the older the woman, the simpler the outfit should be. If you are a woman over 30 years old, try to wear solid colors when choosing T-shirts. This will give you more space when choosing bottoms. Each set of T-shirt styles can ensure a high-end texture.
Women under 30 years old still have room for dressing in pursuit of age-reducing fashion. They can appropriately choose one or two printed or striped T-shirts and tops to change the style experience, but the colors should also be used as much as possible. Don’t be too bright. If you choose a T-shirt top with too bright a color, it will look too pretentious.
④Small stature
Short women are most worried about showing off their figure when wearing T-shirts. But if you learn the dressing technique of short top and long bottom, and consciously implement it into your outfit, it is not a problem for a small person to look taller. You can lengthen your legs by choosing a short T-shirt top, paired with trousers and a long skirt, or you can use half-tucked clothes to better divide your body proportions. Try not to wear T-shirts that are too slender, so as not to expose the shortcomings of your height.
You should keep this guide on the essentials of wearing T-shirts, wear them in summer, they will look so stylish!

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