China Fabric Factory Fabric News Keep these 3 points in mind when wearing T-shirts in summer (so you can look slim and charming)

Keep these 3 points in mind when wearing T-shirts in summer (so you can look slim and charming)

Relying on good-looking outfits shaped by excellent body conditions, we have become a basic design, and you can achieve aesthetic satisfaction without adding too much clothing; the…

Relying on good-looking outfits shaped by excellent body conditions, we have become a basic design, and you can achieve aesthetic satisfaction without adding too much clothing; the slimmer and taller look shaped by detailed outlines and dressing experience is the real A dressing ability worthy of learning and praise.
Having a figure without matching is equivalent to throwing away talent and settling for second best; without a figure, paying attention to matching is the truly respectable “sister-pulling” attitude.
Summer dressing has a wealth of possibilities as far as the eye can see. Start matching with enthusiasm and fashion attitude, and you must not be perfunctory. The simplest T-shirt actually hides a form of expression you don’t know about.

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To put it simply, the T-shirt look we put so much thought into is nothing more than matching two items with culottes. But some people can wear a majestic sense of fashion, while others can only be at the bottom of the styling rankings. The reason is that they have not chosen the right T-shirt style and design, no matter how good their figure is, it will not work.
[Good design of T-shirt styles] should strive for extreme delicacy. Use the following practical dressing tips, hoping to bring more inspiration to your summer T-shirt styling▼
First :Basic requirements~Good fit
①Shoulder fit
T-shirts are not typical stand-shoulder clothing. The rounded shoulder lines sometimes make hunched girls look sluggish. Today’s popular oversize styles have also been incorporated into T-shirt designs, but without the long sleeves of sweatshirts to balance the proportions, a wide T-shirt is actually a bit weird to wear.
So how to turn embarrassment into beauty? The editor’s suggestion is to choose the size of the T-shirt shoulders as close as possible.
▪Shoulder lines fit
According to the width of the shoulders, we can draw a rough range of clothing width ratios in our minds. Try to allow the tailoring lines of the sleeves and shoulders to hang on the shoulder sides as much as possible without falling off the tops of the shoulders. By pulling the length of the neckline and shoulder sleeves, we can balance the horizontal proportions of the T-shirt pattern and show a more three-dimensional body frame.
②The neckline size is moderate
The size of the neckline can become the first personalized design of a T-shirt. The most common round neck curve can be adjusted to create two completely different styles by adjusting the looseness.
▪The large round neck is lazy, the small round neck is smart
The large round neck T-shirt design will expose the clavicle curve, revealing more neck and collar skin, which can make the shaving look more lazy and casual. casual. The design of the small neckline will be more formal and restrained, and will be used as the lining of a suit jacket. In the workplace, the outfit will look more capable and decent.
Second: Upgrade Requirements ~ Good Design
More detailed designs can lay a solid foundation for the ever-changing matching of T-shirt styles. If you want to make T-shirts with simple designs have bright spots, You need to pay attention to the choice of length and color▼
①Length selection
▪Small stature = waist-length T-shirt
Height has the most obvious demand for the shape of clothes and pants. Small stature and height For women, the length of the T-shirt should be as low as the waist but not the hips to create the shortest and most capable upper body proportions, which will help lengthen the length below the waistline and lengthen the body shape.
▪Medium/Tall stature = above-the-waist T-shirt
The common length of T-shirts is within the range of above-the-waist and hip. Women of medium to tall height can wear them to have a more defined body shape. focus effect. For example, use a pair of high-waisted wide-leg trousers as a match, tuck the corners of the clothes in the front or side to create a sense of detail, and wear a flowerpot hat when going out, and the look will be eye-catching enough.
②Color Selection
The choice of T-shirt color is a great test of our ability to control classic solid colors. The biggest charm of traditional T-shirts without floral embellishments must be displayed with the help of color positioning. No matter what your physical condition? A solid dark T-shirt will never reveal your shortcomings.
▪Pure black covers the flesh and makes you look slimmer
The richness and elegance of black color allow you to wear a simple and capable T-shirt look with your head held high. Matching the bright-colored long skirt as a balanced pull of color can not only extend the body proportions, but also form a progressive and generous design of styling colors.
Women with thicker legs can also choose similar dark colors. As a match for bottoms, the choice of skirts and trousers should pay attention to the loose silhouette. In this way, when paired with a slim-fitting dark T-shirt, Only then can you look thinner and taller.
▪Cool and bright colors
Colored T-shirt tops are not common, but if you have needs, please choose cool-toned gray, green, and blue colors. The saturation and translucency of the color need to be adjusted according to the brightness of your skin color. Women with yellow and black skin often wear darker colors, which are more likely to weaken the darkness of the skin color.
T-shirts worn close to the face should avoid bright colors as much as possible, otherwise the face will easily look sallow.
Third: Overall requirements~good matching
When we broaden our horizons and put the overall aesthetic on a set of shaving style designers, we need to grasp the two dressing needs of casualness and fashion. Intermediary point.
①T-shirt combination with trousers
The combination of T-shirt top and trousers is more suitable for casual wear in daily atmosphere. If the outfit is too ordinary, it will not stir up fashion waves. Matching according to the characteristics of body shape and height will make it easier to intervene in your personality.
▪If you are short, choose straight pants
Short women who are less than 160 cm tall do not actually need toOnly high heels and skirts are designed to optimize your figure. When wearing T-shirts in summer, shorten the length of the hem as much as possible. Use the streamlined longitudinal curve of straight pants to lengthen the legs. Wearing a pair of flat loafers will also make you look taller.
▪ Choose tapered pants if your waist and hips are too wide
Middle-aged women with waist pain and a more voluptuous part need to wear T-shirts to reduce age and look slimmer. It is recommended to adopt the matching method as above, choose a solid color logo printed T-shirt and match it with tapered pants. The wider wing design in the middle can perfectly integrate the shortcomings of the figure. Pair it with small high heels to look slim and high-end.
②T-shirt combination skirt
▪Strap long skirt is gentle and elegant
Women who pursue the ultimate fashionable dressing effect, of course, can’t live without skirts in summer. The combination of T-shirts and skirts is not limited to skirts. If you choose a dress style, please refer to Liu Wen’s set of floral suspender skirts.
The wild leopard print embellishment makes the traditional and elegant suspender skirt show an international high-end fashion sense. The pure white T-shirt is used as the lining to adjust the proportion of skin exposure. This combination also shows the level of clothing for older women. .
▪Skirts are restrained and elegant
For women with good figure, a wide skirt will not show the width of the hips, and a T-shirt with a small neckline on the upper body can finely define the body lines. Are you still worried that the T-shirt will not look good if you match it with a proportion that is long at the top and long at the bottom?
No matter how good your figure is, when wearing a T-shirt in summer, you must keep these “3 points” in mind to create good body proportions and lines, so that you can look thin and slim. charming!

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