China Fabric Factory Fabric News 50-year-old men should wear less T-shirts and shorts (it is recommended to wear high-end clothes to show your height)

50-year-old men should wear less T-shirts and shorts (it is recommended to wear high-end clothes to show your height)

As we grow older, not only our appearance changes, but also our views on various things change. Although, compared to women, men may not care as much about appearance. But external…

As we grow older, not only our appearance changes, but also our views on various things change. Although, compared to women, men may not care as much about appearance. But external image is the most intuitive feeling after all. If you don’t have good dressing sense, it is easy for people to look down on and ignore your existence. Especially men aged 4 or 50 will turn into greasy uncles if they are not careful…


Awesome outfit – T-shirt and shorts
As the weather gets hotter and hotter, everyone will pay more attention to coolness and breathability in their outfits. In order to pursue comfort, many men tend to dress very casually. They may just throw on a large T-shirt and pair it with shorts before going out. Although this kind of outfit is very convenient, it is not suitable for mature men.
Points of error: Strong sense of violation, greasy and dwarfed
If you are middle-aged, T-shirts and shorts, which are particularly casual and casual, are not suitable for the stability and elegance of mature men. temperament. Moreover, the loose fit easily blurs the body proportions, which may make an already fat figure appear fatter and shorter. Shorts themselves also have relatively high requirements on leg shape. If the leg shape is not straight, it will be particularly ugly. Generally speaking, this kind of outfit consumes your temperament and gives people the sloppy look of a greasy uncle.
1. Analysis of matching points for men aged 4 and 50
Point 01: Create a shaping effect
Many mature men don’t understand why they are called “greasy”. In fact, the biggest reason is Because of body issues. In fact, it is understandable. By the age of 40, most people have careers and families. When the pressure is reduced, it will be about body management, eating a lot and not exercising. Then, the shaping effect in dressing becomes particularly important at this time.
* Avoid loose-fitting styles all over the body
The first step in dressing is to choose single items, and choosing the right style will have a multiplier effect on the overall shape. Middle-aged men often gain weight around their waists, and they often suffer from the problem of beer belly. However, if you choose very wide clothes for both upper and lower garments, the whole person will appear to develop horizontally. This will not only crush your height, but also make you look fatter. You can choose shirts, jackets, suits and other items to achieve better shaping effects.
* Wear the same color
The growth of age is often accompanied by the upgrading of taste. We don’t like the trends and exaggeration of youth so much, and we don’t think that aura is created through colorful colors. Wearing the same color is simple and elegant. It is not only suitable for creating a refreshing atmosphere in summer, but also can modify the figure to the greatest extent, enhance the aura of the style, and achieve the effect of making you appear taller and slimmer. Most importantly, it can highlight your taste and personal charm.
Point 02: Create a simple dressing style
①Versatile items: shirts, straight pants, suit pants
For middle-aged men, it is easiest to wear all kinds of strange clothes. It seems inconsistent and greasy. The most simple and versatile items are shirts, straight pants, and suit pants. Not only is it comfortable and durable to wear, it can also modify your figure, highlight the steady and tough temperament of a mature man, and give people a handsome and high-end feeling.
②Basic colors: black, white, gray, earth tones
In terms of matching colors, mature men should also show their taste and try to avoid bright colors, especially fluorescent colors or fancy patterns. . Those colors are exaggerated and flamboyant, and if you are not careful, you will turn into a greasy uncle. The classic black, white and gray are majestic yet simple, and are very tolerant to different skin tones. Earthy colors are also a good choice and can easily create a mature appeal.
Point 03: Appropriate use of age-reducing elements
For example: denim elements
Denim elements have a sense of age reduction and can be well integrated with different items. Regular denim fabric is tough and energetic. It is not only suitable for daily wear, but also makes the wearer full of energy. Even if it is used all over the body, it will not make people feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, it can achieve the effect of slimming and slimming.
For example: small-area interesting patterns
Mature men can cleverly use age-reducing items to express their “boyishness” in their private lives. T-shirts with interesting patterns are a good choice. Every move he makes shows the vigor of a big boy, and he can easily become a “charming uncle” with rich temperament in life.
★You can use the tuck-in method to strengthen the waistline and optimize body proportions.
Point 04: Stacking to highlight fashion sense
Being 40 does not mean that you have to stay away from fashion. Using layering dressing skills can create a layered look and fashionable style. If the shades are combined with each other, they can also be adjusted in style. Light colors are gentle and dark colors are mature. The two colors blend together and their charm cannot be underestimated. The combination of light colors throughout the body is also very suitable for summer, and adding dark colors can get rid of the bland atmosphere of light colors.
Appreciation of the correct matching demonstration for men aged 2, 4 and 50
Look1: Work style suit + white shoes
Recommendation index: ✔✔✔✔
Work style suits tend to have waistlines The obvious position can optimize the body proportions to the greatest extent, making you visually handsome and aura. You can choose the design of leggings or nine-point pants, which can friendly modify the outline of the legs and have the visual effect of lengthening the legs. whole bodyDark colors will be easier to control and can be embellished with white shoes to break the dullness.
Look2: White T+light shirt+grey jeans
Recommendation index: ✔✔✔✔✔
Combine age-reducing denim fabric with calm gray into one, you can create a classic and versatile trousers style. A white T is cleverly paired with a loose shirt, creating a comfortable and casual look. Paired with gray jeans, you can easily create a handsome and mature charm.
Pairing suggestions: When matching shirts, it is best to tuck them into the waistband to reduce the accumulation of fabrics and bring out the charm of the shirt. At the same time, when paired with jeans, choosing a belt with texture can easily improve the overall taste of the outfit.
Look3: Fun white T + black wide-leg pants + dad shoes
Recommendation index: ✔✔✔✔
When you reach middle age, if you have gained weight, you can choose loose trousers to give your legs Leave some space. Pair it with a fun white T-shirt to add comfort and casualness, while also making you look younger. The addition of dad shoes has sports attributes and also enhances the sense of fashion.
Reasonable use of accessories: The most suitable accessory for concave shapes in summer is sunglasses. Choose sunglasses that suit you based on your face shape, which can enhance your handsomeness while bringing a bohemian spontaneity.
Men over 40 are in the golden stage of life. Don’t let baggy T-shirts and shorts overwhelm your masculine charm and hinder your style. Get rid of greasiness and sloppiness, collect the above outfit details, key points and demonstration matching, which will help you better exude your personal temperament.

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