China Fabric Factory Fabric News What the hell is a grandma T-shirt? (Elegant and slimming celebrities and fashionistas are all obsessed with it)

What the hell is a grandma T-shirt? (Elegant and slimming celebrities and fashionistas are all obsessed with it)

Elegant elements will never go out of style, and this retro atmosphere will always make people turn heads. In the long-sleeved season, there are “grandma shirts”, and n…

Elegant elements will never go out of style, and this retro atmosphere will always make people turn heads. In the long-sleeved season, there are “grandma shirts”, and naturally, in the summer, when short-sleeved shirts are worn, there are also “grandma T-shirts.” Such soft and elegant grandma T-shirts have attracted many celebrities and fashionistas. Have you also prepared one?
With its retro style, elegant temperament, and comfortable and soft wearing feel, grandma T-shirts are well received by everyone with their unique highlights and comfort. No matter how you wear it, it can always release a retro beauty temperament, so it is becoming more and more popular in the fashion matching world.

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1. Basic understanding: What is a “grandma T-shirt”?
Features 1. Retro feel
Grandma’s T-shirt relies on its unique texture, pattern design, and the particularity of the material to create a more retro style line, giving it an elegant atmosphere no matter how you wear it.
Feature 2. Comfort
Grandma T-shirts actually have the same principle as grandma shirts. The appearance mostly shows a retro feel, and the fabric is also made of knitted materials, which is different from ordinary cotton T-shirts. There is a difference in material. However, the knitted material of grandma’s T-shirt is breathable and soft, so it will not be stuffy when worn in summer, but is very skin-friendly and comfortable.
2. In-depth understanding: What are the advantages of grandma T-shirts compared to regular T-shirts?
Advantages 1. Elegance in style
Girls with a retro style all know that tops with the word “grandma” have a unique retro style, and it is also because of the knitted material that makes them feel like wearing them. It has the temperament of an elegant girl.
Advantage 2. The sense of lines in the pattern
The pattern of grandma T-shirts is mostly designed to modify the lines of the upper body and have a sense of texture. Although there are styles that suit various body types, they all have a common feature, which is that they flatter the contours of the figure, and most of them are short styles that can shape proportions. It won’t show off your waistline and slimness like a regular T-shirt.
Advantage 3. Softness in terms of wearing feeling
Grandma T-shirts are made of lightweight and highly breathable knitted fabric, which is completely different from conventional thickened knitted sweaters. The wearing feeling under this kind of fabric is very soft and close to the skin. It will not cause a stuffy and heavy feeling, and it will also feel close to the skin, which is very pressure-relieving.
3. Who is grandma T-shirt suitable for?
Type 1. Small people
Grandma’s T-shirts are mostly short-style. For small people, short-style tops are most suitable. So if you are a girl with a petite figure and poor proportions, you can naturally get further improvement by wearing a short grandma T-shirt.
Type 2, two opposite body shapes: narrow upper body or wide shoulders
Shape type ①: shoulder width, consider shoulder and neck line
★Reference direction: start from the neckline
To weaken the shoulder width, You can consider using vertical extension methods, such as extending the lines of the shoulders and neck, to divert the attention of the eye and weaken the shoulder width problem. It’s OK to choose a grandma T-shirt with a collar that exposes the neckline and clavicle line.
Body type ②: Narrow upper body, horizontal development is recommended
★Reference direction: Expand the sleeve shape
Grandma T-shirts with expanded sleeves are very effective for people with slippery and narrow shoulders, because the expansion The cuff design directly creates a visual amplification effect.
For shoulders that are too narrow, use the horizontal design of the expanded-sleeve grandma T-shirt to visually widen the shoulders, so that the upper body will not appear too thin.
4. How to wear it to highlight the retro and elegant feel of grandma’s T-shirt?
Tip 1: Master the combination of items that can show a retro feel
The outstanding style of the grandma T-shirt itself is the retro feel. You can also choose items with similar styles for bottoms to make the overall elegant retro feel more elegant. resolution. For example, jeans with a strong retro feel, or midi skirts with a retro feel, are very suitable for matching grandma T-shirts.
Appreciation of matching ①: Printed grandma T-shirt + jeans
To cater to the summer atmosphere, first of all, in terms of color selection, I chose a summery grass color with printing, which is still retro. Small fresh literary sense. Paired with classic jeans, although the overall basics are simple, it still cannot stop the retro atmosphere.
Appreciation of matching ②: basic color grandma T-shirt + bright color midi skirt
French style wear in retro style uses a lot of bright color elements, because bright colors are recognizable and can also Create a relaxing and comfortable tea break. Pair a basic-color grandma T-shirt with a bright-colored midi skirt, and select one part as a highlight. It is neither exaggerated nor monotonous, and has a full French feel.
Tip 2: Master the French elements in matching
Keyword ⑴: Want to create a gentle and elegant femininity
★Recommended elements: florals, skirts
Gentle and pure feeling, It is inseparable from the elegant goddess atmosphere, so the floral element is an element that can show off the strong femininity.
Including matching with skirts, it is also a set of combinations that can bring out the femininity more thoroughly. If you want to create a more feminine style, it is very suitable to combine it with fresh floral flowers and skirts.
Keyword ⑵: Want to create a high-end feel with low saturation
★Recommended elements: dark colors, diamonds
The characteristic of low saturation is that it is white and can show a retro feel. The diamond pattern element has a strong French retro temperament and will…The overall color system is controlled to darker colors. Such a combination can present a low-saturation retro and high-end temperament.
Tip 3: Stay away from highly saturated black and old-fashioned patterns
Elegant colors must be high-end and stylish, and have a whitening effect. We do not recommend colors that are too saturated and will appear dazzling and yellowish when worn.
Moreover, old-fashioned patterns have a full sense of rusticity. Whether you are a young or old woman, wearing old-fashioned patterns will make you look older and less energetic.
Minefield ①: Fluorescent orange
Too high saturation can easily cause earthiness, yellowness or even blackness. The requirements for skin color are relatively high. If it is an average Asian woman with yellow skin, it is best to control this kind of color. The color will make your skin tone a few shades darker.
★Advanced color suggestions: You can choose a green that has a more spring-summer atmosphere, or a relatively pure whitening taro color, which can improve your complexion.
Minefield ②: Dark and old patterns
Dark + old-fashioned patterns, if you don’t have a childish face and the correct bottoms, it will easily become “old-fashioned”, at least it will be better than Actual age should appear older.
★Design and color suggestions: Elements such as plaid, floral or color matching with a retro feel
For these two elements, plaid or floral, it is recommended to choose light-colored plaid and slightly darker ones. Floral flowers can create a very obvious retro style. Moreover, the color-blocking design not only creates great visual recognition, but also has full eye-catching power in terms of impact.
The reason why grandma T-shirts are so popular and loved by everyone has a lot to do with their unique style and charm. If you want to be fashionable and slim, and also want to make your summer unique, then prepare a few pieces. A grandma T-shirt with twice the temperament!

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