China Fabric Factory Fabric News What is satin fabric (I finally know what luxury is)

What is satin fabric (I finally know what luxury is)

Shirts can be said to be a very common item of clothing. Whether it is on some special occasions or in daily life, shirts are often seen. Shirts were exclusive to working women in …

Shirts can be said to be a very common item of clothing. Whether it is on some special occasions or in daily life, shirts are often seen.

Shirts were exclusive to working women in the past. Now people’s aesthetic awareness has improved, and shirts have more and more styles and matching methods. It’s limited to the workplace.

Among the many types of shirts, satin shirts are very distinctive. Satin shirts are very suitable for women to wear. Femininity is perfectly displayed.

How to wear high-end clothes in autumn? A satin shirt is easy to wear and can be worn with lazy and intellectual styles. A “satin shirt” is a must-have in autumn. It is chic and fashionable. I finally know what high-end looks are.

Characteristics of satin shirts

  • What is satin ?

Satin is not actually the name of a fabric, but a general term for a class of fabrics. Generally speaking , as long as the fabric has no obvious texture on the surface and has a hint of luster, it is called satin.

So, whether it is silk or chemical fiber fabric, as long as it meets the above characteristics and has a smooth and glossy surface, it can be called satin. noodle.

  • Characteristics of satin

1) Soft and skin-friendly

Because the surface of satin is very smooth, satin clothing is often It is very soft and skin-friendly. It will be very comfortable and cool when worn on the body, without giving people a stuffy feeling.

And the satin material is very light and thin, and it will look very light and elegant when worn. Satin clothing is very suitable for spring and autumn. of.

2) Simple and advanced

And satin clothing also has a hint of luster. This kind of fabric looks very high-end, and it also looks very simple.

This kind of fabric coincides with the temperament of the shirt, so satin shirts are welcomed by many temperamental women. In fashion occupies a place in the world.

Suggestions for choosing satin shirts

  • Choose according to style

1) Victorian

If you want to use a satin shirt to look fashionable, you should pay attention when matching it. If you choose according to the style, you can choose a Victorian style outfit.

Victorian style is actually adding some small details to ordinary shirts, such as ruffles, puff sleeves, bows, etc., which are all in Victorian style element.

2) Pajama style

In recent years, the pajama style has become increasingly popular, and it has become very common to go out wearing pajamas, so we might as well try a pajama-style satin shirt.

Pajama-style satin shirts are generally relatively lazy, so the style will be looser and have a drapey feel. And we can choose solid color shirts, which will also look more advanced.

3) Suit collar style

Satin shirts can also have some special designs, such as matching a suit collar on a satin shirt to create a mixed-and-match feel.

But in fact, suits and shirts have similar temperament expressions. They both give people an elegant and intellectual temperament, but when they collide together, they will look different. It will be more fashionable.

  • Select based on color

1) Bright colors

The color selection of satin shirts is also very important. Different colors are suitable for different skin colors. For example, bright-colored satin shirts are more suitable for white skin.

Because satin itself has a glossy feel, and the color is brighter, it will make the skin color appear darker to a certain extent. If you are fair-skinned, My skin no longer has this problem.

Bright-colored satin shirts will also give people a more noble and gorgeous feeling. We can choose gorgeous colors such as bright yellow or gold. color, it will appear more high-profile.

2) Dark color

Dark color Satin shirts generally have a darker base color, and because the brightness is darker, the brightness of the satin will be weakened to a certain extent.

This kind of shirt will not make the skin color look darker, but will be very white, which is more suitable for girls with yellow and black skin. , might as well try it.

The trendy combination of satin shirts

  • Satin shirt + skirt

Satin shirt and skirt are still very elegant when paired together, whether it is Dresses or skirts can be matched with different charms.

The satin shirt can reveal a kind of femininity, which coincides with the temperament of the skirt itself, but the simple style will Match it with a high-end temperament.

  • Satin shirt + shorts

In daily life, satin shirts can be matched with some more casual items, such as shorts, which are a good choice.

Shorts can also perfectly show off women’s long legs. This combination is both cool and sexy, and can be worn easily and fashionably.

  • Satin shirt + sweatpants

A satin shirt will give people a gentle and intellectual femininity. If you want to wear a mixed style, we might as well try dynamic and energetic sweatpants.

Sweatpants represent comfort and casualness. Paired with a satin shirt, it can create a collision of temperament. This combination is really good. It’s trendy now.

The satin shirt is really a very high-end clothing item. It is not only suitable for women in the workplace, but can also be worn in daily life with a sense of fashion. Little fairies who love beauty may wish to Give it a try.

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