China Fabric Factory Fabric News The same suit + jeans (how to wear it to get rid of the passerby feeling)

The same suit + jeans (how to wear it to get rid of the passerby feeling)

It is also a “suit + jeans”, how to wear it to get rid of the “passerby feeling”? Pairing a suit with jeans can be said to be an enduring fashion formula in…

It is also a “suit + jeans”, how to wear it to get rid of the “passerby feeling”?

Pairing a suit with jeans can be said to be an enduring fashion formula in the fashion industry. Jeans neutralize the look of a suit. Serious and rigid, a neat suit jacket can enhance your temperament and aura, making you more casual and generous in daily life. Especially after spring, suits and jeans are more likely to appear on the scene. It is a fashionable outfit that everyone can copy. So how can you stand out among the crowd and wear a different fashionable temperament?

1. Use shoes to determine style

Suits and jeans It can be formal or commuting, and the style can be determined by the shoes.


For example, the very popular French chic style is to choose loose cigarette pants with short boots, and then use silhouette suits to add a casual atmosphere, making use of loose and handsome clothes The design modifies the proportions and is a combination that is not picky about the body shape at all.

One ​​of the more common ones is the ankle boots with simple design, which are not attractive for commuting. Or handsome Martin boots, combined with a suit to create a casual and neutral style. If you want to look more feminine, you can also choose short boots with pointed toes and heels, which are neat, capable and tall.

Suit + jeans + casual shoes

Wearing a suit does not necessarily have to be full of aura, it can also be casual, comfortable and everyday. Add sneakers, canvas shoes, and dad shoes to jeans to create a more relaxed atmosphere. The tension will be instantly relieved and you will look younger and more energetic. This is also a good way for student party members who want to avoid the mature feeling of wearing a suit.

Suit + jeans + high heels

Female elites in the workplace who take the refined and fashionable route can also use pointed-toe high heels with suits and jeans to inject a more romantic and elegant temperament on the basis of neutral style to create a masculine balance. sense of fashion.

Here, the style of the suit can be looser, with a straight design to look chic, and then matched with narrower feet Trousers or small straight pants, use the width at the top and narrow at the bottom to adjust the ratio to create an imposing look. Pair it with a pair of pointed shoes to make it more attractive. Very suitable for little people to copy homework!

2. Create a sense of atmosphere with inner wear

Dressing Matching focuses on the overall atmosphere, so different styles of inner wear also widen the gap between you and others.

1. Suit + jeans + shirt

A suit with a shirt is standard in the workplace, because the addition of jeans makes it less tense and serious, and looks more everyday and natural. At the same time, you need to pay attention to a few details.

First of all, don’t wear your shirt too “regularly”. Unbutton the top 2 to 3 buttons and leave some space at the neck. , and then tuck the hem into the waistband to emphasize the waistline. With these two steps, you will basically not go wrong.

In addition, the style of shirt does not have to be limited to the classic white shirt. Denim shirts are more casual and chic, and they also go well with blue jeans. match. The inner layer of the same color has an elongated proportion, giving it a boylish look, making it smart and fashionable.

2. Suit + jeans + T-shirt

A simple black suit, blue jeans and a white T-shirt are all the most basic and versatile styles. When combined together, less is more. Best comments. The refreshing blue and white color scheme of a white T-shirt and jeans has a more youthful feel, and you can wear it casually with a jacket. It is a combination that can be copied by both men and women of all ages for commuting and leisure.

In terms of details, we can modify the figure by adjusting the neckline of the T-shirt. For example, designs with large necklines and high skin exposure are more friendly to fat girls. If it is a classic round neck, you can also use a pendant necklace on the chest to create a V-shaped elongated effect like the blogger did, making it more refined and noble.

3. Suit + sweatshirt + jeans

If you love casual sports style, try the combination of “suit + sweatshirt + jeans”, especially the hooded sweatshirt, which can successfully transform the suit from workplace style to fashionable street style. In such a combination, the suit jacket should be looser, and a “one size larger” dad suit is very suitable. Pair it with thick-soled dad shoes to adjust the proportions, which has a 90s retro style. The same goes for jeans and a suit. Only by paying attention to details can you get rid of the passerby look!

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