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How do boys find their own dressing style (improve their dressing taste)

Many people say that today is an era where faces are valued. No one will look at your face no matter how well-dressed you are. Of course, it is undeniable that appearance is import…

Many people say that today is an era where faces are valued. No one will look at your face no matter how well-dressed you are. Of course, it is undeniable that appearance is important, but faces are given by your parents, and there is no way to change them. Going to Korea for plastic surgery is both expensive and risky; therefore, just because your congenital conditions are not outstanding, you should work hard to become a pleasing person in the eyes of others;

Today we are going to talk about how boys can find their own dressing style and improve their taste?

The style here does not refer to the current trend, but a label that belongs to oneself, making oneself feel comfortable and acceptable to others. As an ordinary person, it is naturally the most important thing to dress appropriately. Appropriate attire for work, dating, leisure and other occasions;

Too many avant-garde trend elements are too far away for most people;

The next thing to talk about is naturally the most daily wear;

College style

Suitable for the age range of about 18 to 28 years old , work and daily attire are very suitable, and the least likely to make mistakes;

Wearing sweaters and shirts is a common combination for everyone

You can choose a round-neck or pointed-neck sweater according to your preference, and expose the shirt collar to easily create a college style, which will reduce your age!

Sweatshirts also look great with shirts. Also remember to reveal the collar and shirt hem. Layering can give you more fashion sense

Jeans are naturally not the tight-fitting nine-point pants currently popular in Japan and South Korea,

but the most classic ones Straight, or slim fit;

The next is twill khaki pants, the upper body depends on the season.

T-shirts, oxford shirts, cardigans and jackets, and horn-buttoned coats are the perfect match.

Casual style

The style is most suitable for people aged 25 to 35, whether it is daily work or travel, it is better to match with college Wind is a little more difficult;

[Casual] is a word that is difficult to define accurately.

The so-called “casual style” is also the most general style of clothing. It can be regarded as a college-style or adult style. Transformation;

Wearing sneakers turns into leather shoes/boots, jeans turn into casual straight pants/shorts, and the materials of watches/belts are also slightly different;

What adults need most is maturity, so you can no longer dress like a teenager,

Your girlfriend doesn’t allow it, you Your boss won’t allow it because you need to take responsibility;

Another sign of maturity is the gradual transition from backpacks to handbags and clutches;

The collision of a solid-color sweatshirt decorated with simple letters, solid-color jeans and Chelsea boots completely eliminates childishness and impetuousness and appears more calm. Therefore, in addition to casual sports shoes, you can also try more personalized boots.

Street style

This is a patent that belongs to about 18 to 30 years old.

When you get older and adopt this style, it will feel a bit cynical;

What is the definition of trend? Really wearing a brand-name trendy product?

NO~, the trend is an attitude, a belief in the trend.

Of course if you canWith the addition of various trend elements, you seem to hold the pulse of the trend of the times in your hands.

The combination of holes, oversize, and various letter logos is suitable for those bohemian souls;

Wearing a motorcycle leather jacket with retro boots, I was fascinated for a while, and instantly became Oppa’s “little fan girl”,

The effect of this mix and match It looks casual without losing style, and is very suitable for college students or young people who have just started working.

Different from the flight jacket, the motorcycle jacket is less casual and more rigorous and domineering.

Stacking shirts in the middle is also a good way to break the monotony and express your personality.

When the whole body is in pure black and gray, the details are particularly important.

For example, the baseball cap and printed t-shirt in the picture below shirt.

Business style

After the age of 30, it is a common choice for men with successful careers.

Of course it is also the most suitable and age-appropriate style, but there are also various pitfalls in matching it;

Business style most of the time means “suit suit”,

It is not the level of suit you apply for a job on the street, it is custom-made, it is tailored, and it is a kind of status. Symbol;

How to wear a suit is a huge knowledge, and I will leave more to it in a separate article later.

How about it?

Do you know how to dress yourself?

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