China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to tie a T-shirt to look good (5 fashionable knotting methods for you to enhance the sense of style)

How to tie a T-shirt to look good (5 fashionable knotting methods for you to enhance the sense of style)

Wearing T-shirts together, why do others look fashionable? Since the beginning of summer, the T-shirt, a basic item, has become the “hardest hit area” of outfits. Pair …

Wearing T-shirts together, why do others look fashionable? Since the beginning of summer, the T-shirt, a basic item, has become the “hardest hit area” of outfits. Pair a solid color or printed T-shirt with pants or a skirt and you can go out without any stress.

Actually, this is not necessarily the case. Because the clothes are too ordinary, too pixelated, and not as fashionable as celebrities or fashion bloggers at all. Concerning this issue, Luo Wei has received no less than 5 such private messages.

For example, the black and white matching that the eldest cousin wears casually can become a charming scenery. ▼

For example, with the same white T-shirt and jeans, Liu Wen completed the fashionable upgrade with a green dress. ▼

The more basic the item, the more careful you need to be careful, otherwise you will become a passerby in no time. But if you really put in the effort, the results may not be good! For example, the clothes corner! Tuck your clothes to create proportions. This is a very common rule of dressing, everyone on the planet knows it!

But the clothes corner is too ordinary and it is difficult to produce dazzling sparks. In addition, some girls with imperfect figures will feel a little embarrassed when wearing clothes. There are also some loose big T-shirts that are tucked in at the corners, which will cause bloat in the belly, which is even more embarrassing and imperfect.

So, is there any more fashionable way to resolve the ordinaryness of T-shirts? Of course!

Today, Luo Wei will share a tip for wearing T-shirts: Knotting method!

Knotting a T-shirt can instantly turn the T-shirt into a fashionable item and solve the problem of the T-shirt not being fashionable enough. At the same time, the popularity of BM style this year has led to the proliferation of various types of short tops. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tie a T-shirt into a knot to cater to the current trend and be able to wear it multiple times?

And knotting a T-shirt is not a new way of wearing it. This kind of caution has been popular in summer in recent years. Fashion bloggers have taken the T-shirt knotting method to the extreme. Don’t underestimate this little knotting method, it can instantly improve your fashion.

Especially in the hot summer, tying a knot on a T-shirt can not only bring layers and highlights to the overall look, but also It can resolve all kinds of little embarrassments caused by inappropriate clothes.

Wearing an ordinary white T-shirt with black wide-leg pants, knotting the corners can add highlights to the whole and reveal a small waist. Wear sexy and charming.

So how to tie the knot specifically? Come and learn the following 5 knotting methods.

⒈Rabbit ear knot

This tying method is more common. You can tie it on the side, not too tight, and use wrinkles to modify the belly.

◆ How to tie: Pick up both sides of the T-shirt and tie it twice

◆ Note: One positive and one negative Tie the knot twice, in opposite directions, so that the knot will be symmetrical and will not have its proud tail sticking up to the sky. ▼

⒉Huaguduo knot

This type of knotting method is also very common. The knotting position is usually in the front, making it easier to form a visual focus.

◆ Tying method: First twist the hem of the T-shirt a little thinner, then twist it into the twist Tie a knot in a circle around the loosened direction.

◆ Note: Knotting cotton T-shirts can easily deform the clothes, so try to be gentle when tying them.

⒊Rubber band knot

This method can control the size and shape of the knot, which will make it appear more casual. It is especially suitable for people with thick waists and Middle-aged women with belly fat. Generally, just tie a knot and fix it at will.

◆ Tying method:With the help of a rubber band, you can choose the left and right sides, just grab the clothes Just tie a small knot with a rubber band at the corner of the clothes, and then stuff it into your clothes to make it invisible!

⒋Knotting the back

Knotting the back means placing the knot behind the back. It is more suitable for girls who are careful and can create a casual fashion.

◆ How to tie: Fold up the hem of the clothes, wrap it around the back, and tie it directly.

⒌ Butterfly Knot

This knotting method is relatively complicated and requires the help of small pins, but it is the most Beautiful and beautiful, just like the delicious and beautiful butterfly cake, showing off its charm and fashion.

◆ Tying method: Lift up both sides of the T-shirt, cross it twice, and pin the tail ends on both sides. Fix it and it won’t fall off.

◆ Note: Suitable for slightly longer T-shirts, you need to use small pins to make them more stable.

T-shirt knotting method, the simplest but fashionable little trick, small changes in details can be very fashionable. Dressing up is just about finding fun in boredom.

Okay, the above is the sharing of 5 ways to tie T-shirts. Have you learned it? Welcome to leave a message.

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