China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to wear a cultural shirt (a cultural shirt paired with a black long-sleeved base shows that you have a good figure)

How to wear a cultural shirt (a cultural shirt paired with a black long-sleeved base shows that you have a good figure)

Many people have rich definitions of color. Color is as diverse and mysterious as fragrance. Each color can represent a personality. Color is changeable and stable. Yes, color also…

Many people have rich definitions of color. Color is as diverse and mysterious as fragrance. Each color can represent a personality. Color is changeable and stable. Yes, color also plays a very important role in the field of clothing. The combination of color and clothing style almost determines the final vitality and visual effect of a piece of clothing.

Black clothing occupies almost half of the clothing. This color is the most common in daily wear and is also the color of various clothing styles. It is a color that people with similar styles prefer. Although black seems to be very common, it contains infinite charm in the field of matching.

Although Gumby is a rich wife, she likes to wear black clothes in private or when attending events. , the combination of black clothing styles and colors is enough to cope with various occasions and create various images.

Recommended ways to match black clothing——

Gambi The clothes are quite ordinary. He wears a cultural shirt and black long-sleeved bottoms. It can be seen that he has a good figure. Black clothing is like a friend that can give many people a sense of security. As an inner layer, clothing of this color is like a precise background color on the canvas, which can completely bring out the beauty and clear colors of outer clothing.

Black is also slimmer as an inner wear or base. If the outer clothes are looser or light-colored and easy to make you look fat, then You can add black inner wear to create a slimmer figure, because black itself has a strong visual shrinking effect.

In addition, black is relatively unobtrusive as an inner outfit. Although this color is darker, it is very low-key and completely acceptable. As a background board for clothing, black can also add some low-key and textured layering effects to original simple clothing styles or combinations.

  • Black and white color matching/contrast color

Although dark-colored clothing can meet people’s requirements for simplicity in appearance, some color richness still needs to be added in the fashion field, but black itself is very suitable for matching colors.

When black is used in contrasting or color matching designs, it may be more suitable for light colors, so that the darkness of black and the brightness of light colors can be highlighted at the same time.

Among the many bright colors, the more classic and beautiful color combination is black and white, because black is the deepest color and white is the brightest color. The combination of the two is evenly matched. There is a sense of conflict, but also a comfortable and natural sense of harmony.

The combination of extremely black and extremely white represents the two purest colors in the world, and also represents the two cleanest and simplest colors in the world, so it can be used in daily matching Try black and white combination outfits.

Recommended styles of black clothing——

High collar shirt

Gambi does not have the aura of a wealthy lady. He is quite energetic in sportswear, and his temperament is only in his thirties. Choosing a versatile inner layer will save you a lot of trouble in dressing up. You can try a comfortable black turtleneck shirt for daily wear.

First of all, the high-collar design is more eye-catching, which is enough to reflect the sense of layering when matching clothing. Secondly, the high-collar shirt wraps the upper body including the neck, so The proportion of those who appear thin is relatively high.

Lastly, the high-collar shirt is elegant in temperament. It has a layering effect when paired with sporty clothing. It also has a mature charm when paired with an elegant coat. .

Lace stitched A-line skirt

Lace stitched A-line skirt The skirt will be more suitable for mature and gentle women, and the white lace part will have a pure and gentle feeling.

The black color of the waist and skirt plays the role of slimming and calming. This kind of skirt is rich in details and simple in color. It is A more atmospheric style.

No sleeve print�Dress

The black and white spliced ​​skirt can show its clean temperament. This color combination often appears in some campus wear colors, but mature Women can make some choices in the style of skirts that suit them.

For example, the design of sleeveless printed skirts tends to be neat and neat. When paired with cute or domineering prints, it will show a very vivid temperament.

Recommendations for matching black clothing——

  • Bright-colored short-sleeved + black turtleneck

Sportswear is a relatively simple style, but this kind of clothing is more convenient and comfortable to wear. , also represents a natural attitude towards life. The colors of this type of clothing are generally more eye-catching, because the colors of sportswear are used to remind people of sports.

Although eye-catching sportswear will be more imposing, it can easily make you look fatter, so you can pair it with a high-collar inner layer to show off your outfit. Come up with ideas.

High-collared shirts are more elastic and close-fitting. Pairing them with black will make your temperament more sedate and charming. This kind of clothing can be paired with short-sleeved or sleeveless outerwear. Relatively temperamental.

  • Color block top + pleated skirt

Although Gambi is seen as a rich lady in the eyes of outsiders, she is relatively pragmatic. She has been a smarter and harder-working type since she was young. Her outfit can almost show her own personality. personality.

Gentle women can choose Xiaoxiangfeng’s short woolen top to show a delicate and cute feeling. Paired with a pleated skirt, it will be very classic and elegant, black and white Distribution also shows its own personality.

If the proportion of black is greater, it will be calmer, and if the proportion of white is greater, it will be purer.

  • Short woolen jacket + high-waisted black trousers

In real life, there are many people who are relatively low-key in personality and like to talk less and do more. Such women can try to use black clothing to show their image.

Black high-waist trousers are what many people prefer when matching. This type of trousers is better at modifying the shape of the legs and can be used when matching. Try a simple and neat short woolen jacket. This combination will make you feel more elite and alienated.

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