China Fabric Factory Fabric News What are the advantages and disadvantages of T-shirt printing (mostly refer to these 3 angles to look slimmer and more elegant)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of T-shirt printing (mostly refer to these 3 angles to look slimmer and more elegant)

The introduction of T-shirts has become commonplace, but why do we still have to talk about it? Why do so many fashion bloggers like to repeatedly introduce the matching of T-shirt…

The introduction of T-shirts has become commonplace, but why do we still have to talk about it? Why do so many fashion bloggers like to repeatedly introduce the matching of T-shirts?

This is because T-shirts occupy a very important position in daily wear and are one of the indispensable items throughout the year. Especially when the seasons change from summer to autumn, T-shirts The upper body rate is even higher.

But buying the right T-shirt is not about buying a lot. The number of T-shirts is not important, but choosing the right ones is important. The secret to improving the “endurance” of T-shirts is to start from the following three angles. Whoever wears them will be more beautiful.

1: How to choose a T-shirt style

(1) Slim-fitting style

Slim-fitting style T-shirt, the upper body rate in daily wear It’s not very high. This is because the attributes of T-shirts themselves tend to be casual. If the style is too slim, it will have a matching effect that is opposite to the attributes of the T-shirt itself.

But for those girls with very superior body lines, they can appropriately try to use slim-fitting T-shirts to show off their superiority in figure.

(2) Fitted styles

In daily wear, you are more likely to wear T-shirts that fit well, whether you are wearing a T-shirt or a shirt, The fitting style is relatively appropriate, neither very loose nor deliberately tight.

The fitting style design method has a tailor-made feeling, which can not only meet everyone’s needs for comfort, but also not cause the clothes to restrict the body shape.

(3) Slip-shoulder style

If your body frame is relatively large or your height advantage is very obvious, it is recommended that you try using the slip-shoulder style. Fat T-shirts to create a more body-accommodating effect.

The slip-shoulder design can make a simple T-shirt look more casual. Especially for girls with larger body frames, they must wear more slip-shoulder T-shirts and T-shirts with shoulder straps. The lines naturally droop down, which can visually produce the effect of weakening the width of the shoulders.

Two: How to choose the color of a T-shirt

(1) Dark color

When choosing a T-shirt, you also need to pay special attention to the choice of color, because the color Usually determines the first impression you make on others. Dark-colored T-shirts are usually more stable and low-key, suitable for slightly older and mature women.

In addition, the effect of dark-colored T-shirts on slimming is immediate. Girls with a larger body frame, wider shoulders, and thicker trapezius muscles are very suitable for wearing dark-colored T-shirts. T-shirt.

(2) Light-colored T-shirts

Light-colored T-shirts are more refreshing and clean. No one can refuse the white and clean feeling. White T-shirts are used in daily life It is also the most flattering among the outfits. In addition to being good-looking, it is also versatile and looks very harmonious when matched with bottoms of various styles and colors.

A small white T-shirt can also be used as a mobile lighting board. Although it is a basic color, the whitening effect is immediate. However, girls with larger body frames should not try white T-shirts easily.

(3) Bright color T-shirts

Bright color T-shirts are more suitable for girls with cold fair skin. Girls who are born with cold fair skin should make more use of their skin color. To take advantage of this, use bright or colorful T-shirts to highlight your fair skin tone.

However, don’t wear colorful T-shirts with too many accessories, and don’t pair them with bright-colored bottoms, because the color of the T-shirt is eye-catching enough, so be sure to match it with other parts. To simplify the complex.

Three: How to choose T-shirt elements

(1) Stripe elements

The last point is how to choose the elements of T-shirts. The design of the elements is actually Not many, basically including stripes, plaids, polka dots, prints, florals, etc. Today we are going to talk about three of them.

The first is the most classic stripe element. Stripes are divided into horizontal stripes and vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes are more suitable for girls with skinny figures. They add richness when worn and can also make the figure look less dry.

Girls with plump figures are more suitable for vertical striped T-shirts, which can stretch the vertical lines and achieve a very intuitive slimming effect.

(2) Polka dot elements

T-shirts with polka dot elements look more unique. T-shirts with basic colors are simple and versatile, but they don’t look the same. It will look exquisite, and the T-shirt with polka dot elements can just make up for the dull feeling of the basic color. The elegance and romance of French style can be interpreted by a very simple T-shirt.

(3) Printing elements

Compared with florals, printing elements are more likely to be used on T-shirts, and floral elements are more likely to be used on shirts. Higher, the design of the printing is exquisite and will not produce the feeling of covering a large area, but the decoration of a small area on the chest can provide the finishing touch.

Fashion summary: T-shirts are indispensable in fashionable girls’ wardrobes, but more T-shirts are not always better. Learn to choose T-shirts from the above three places, and choose the right one that suits you. important.

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