China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to look good in polo shirts (master these tips to be versatile and fashionable)

How to look good in polo shirts (master these tips to be versatile and fashionable)

Hello sisters~ After entering the summer, many ladies have followed the trend and changed into T-shirts or shirts. However, if you want to wear a fresh summer look, in addition to …

Hello sisters~

After entering the summer, many ladies have followed the trend and changed into T-shirts or shirts. However, if you want to wear a fresh summer look, in addition to Polo shirts , no single item can meet the requirements.

If you say “Polo shirt”, everyone will feel strange, but if you use “dad shirt” to describe it, I believe everyone will understand it more easily.

The biggest feature of the Polo shirt is that it has the body of a T-shirt and the collar of a shirt. The style is formal and has a casual effect. It perfectly inherits the sophistication of the shirt and the versatility of the T-shirt, making it practical to wear. The effect is very nice~

Although the Polo shirt has many advantages, it has not completely eliminated people’s prejudice against it. Some people think it is vulgar, while others think it has been abandoned by fashion.

However, she is not like this in reality. As long as you wear a Polo shirt, pay attention to the following three points,


What should you pay attention to when wearing a Polo shirt?

1. Polo shirt tucked into trousers/skirt waist

The most taboo thing about dressing in summer is bloat and cumbersomeness, and the clean and tidy tucked-in shirt will change the shape without leaving any trace. This situation, and there are many advantages to wearing it this way.

First of all, it can meet your dressing requirements for different bottoms. You can match it with a high-waisted skirt like Wang Likun, using the irregular skirt to create a sense of layering, and then using blue strokes to connect it. Whole body, increasing integrity, fashionable and classy.

You can also choose high-waisted wide-leg pants like supermodel Liu Wen. Small girls can choose nine-point pants that expose the ankles. Tall girls can choose floor-length wide-leg pants to increase their aura. Pants, suitable for both students and office workers.

Secondly, the Polo shirt can be worn with the corners tucked in, which can also meet the needs of girls with imperfect body shapes. For girls who are 50 or 50, whether they wear a Polo shirt with a high-waisted skirt or High-waisted trousers can turn your body into a golden proportion.

Using the layering between tops and bottoms to divide the body proportions can fully match the freshness and fashionability without destroying the overall beauty.

In addition to optimizing body proportions, the way of wearing tuck clothes can also accentuate the slender waist through a clean and neat way of dressing. This is very attractive to girls who have successfully lost weight secretly in the spring. force.

However, one thing you need to pay attention to is that Polo shirts are paired with high-waisted items. If your body shape is not 100% perfect, do not choose items that are both slim-fitting at the top and bottom. If you don’t want to make a mistake, , you can use the dressing method of tightening up and loosening down or tightening up and loosening down at the right time.

2. Sleeve length from the middle of the upper arm

The requirement of sleeve length to the middle of the upper arm is to help girls with fat arms, which can not only modify the arm lines but also Don’t pick anyone, the upper body effect is great.

The sleeve length from the middle of the upper arm is the standard three-quarter sleeve length. The most important thing you need to pay attention to when choosing this style of Polo shirt is the looseness of the body and sleeves.

In order to ensure the overall smart style and not affect the overall effect, it is best to choose a relatively loose version of the Polo shirt, especially the arms, leaving three centimeters of space between the sleeves and the arms. Best version.

But if your arm lines are very slender and slender, you can also choose a tight-fitting Polo shirt style with quarter-length sleeves. The whole person will instantly become high-end and full of femininity.

If you want to go with a cool and sporty style, it is not impossible to choose a loose-fitting Polo shirt, but the items that match it must be of the same style, otherwise it will be difficult to look like Teacher Jingjing. So chic.

But if the weather suddenly turns cold or you are afraid of getting sunburned, you can also wear a Polo shirt layered with white long sleeves like sister Zifeng, which is both warm and elegant.

If you want a simple presentation effect, you can also learn from Zhou Yutong, wearing a long-sleeved Polo shirt with a collar and body of different colors, which will instantly complete the style, elegant and self-contained Literary aura.

If you want to look like a mature lady, you can also unbutton the three buttons on your clothes to form a small V-neck style. It makes your legs look longer, shows off your perfect waist, and can also modify your face and show off your career.

3. Don’t stand up your collar! Don’t stand up your collar! Don’t stand up your collar!

The third point to note is the collar design of the Polo shirt. It is similar to the collar of a shirt, but it is not as tolerant to the collar as the body of the shirt…

Ordinary shirt tops can be divided into stand-up collars and flat lapels, but the collar suitable for combination with a Polo shirt can only be a flat lapel style that fits tightly around the neck.

Because only in this way can we truly get rid of the rustic, can we truly wear fashionable and feminine clothes, can we truly integrate with the body style, and can we tolerate all the little sisters with flaws in the neck and shoulder area…

The flat lapel style Polo shirt can maximize the splicing combination between single fabrics and fabrics, and is very user-friendly.

If you don’t believe this evil, you can look at the contrast between a stand-up collar Polo shirt and a flat-lapel Polo shirt. You will instantly know who is advanced and who is rustic.

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