China Fabric Factory Fabric News Will cotton blended fabrics pill? (It only takes three steps to choose a popular granny-style cardigan)

Will cotton blended fabrics pill? (It only takes three steps to choose a popular granny-style cardigan)

This year is full of retro style, and various “grandma-style” items have returned on a large scale. In addition to the already popular dad shoes, corduroy, and granny p…

This year is full of retro style, and various “grandma-style” items have returned on a large scale. In addition to the already popular dad shoes, corduroy, and granny pants, granny-style cardigans have recently become the new favorite of fashionistas. Young ladies who don’t know how to choose yet, hurry up and take a look.

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Grandma style cardigan refers to a type of knitted cardigan jacket with a V-neck and a thick and weighty feel. As early as the 1950s and 1960s, this kind of cardigan jacket became popular. It abandoned the waistline and pursued a more casual and natural wearing effect. Nowadays, grandma’s cardigans are back in fashion, and the girls you like can master these three tricks to avoid falling into the trap.

The first version design

The short grandma cardigan is the most suitable for little people, no one. Because if the length of the hem is above the waistline, you can shorten the upper body and lengthen the lower body, naturally modifying the proportions and making you appear taller and thinner. However, a short cardigan will draw attention to the upper body, and if you are a girl with broad shoulders, this point may be amplified.

The mid-length grandma cardigan is the most frequently photographed in daily life, because it is long enough and has good warmth retention. Moreover, this length is not very picky and can be controlled. Especially for girls with plump hips or thighs, the blocking effect is great. However, mid-length styles are easy to gain weight, so it is recommended to wear them with your arms open or with a belt.

Long grandma cardigans are more suitable for tall girls, and they especially show off their temperament. Moreover, wearing it with your arms open gives you a domineering air of walking in the wind, and it can also easily create the lazy feeling of not dressing well. The most important thing is that long vertical lines have a slimming effect, and fat girls can also try it. But remember not to make it too long, it is better to reach the calf.

Selection suggestions: From the perspective of clothing length, short styles are suitable for petite people, long styles are suitable for tall girls, and mid-length styles are not very attractive. In addition, short styles tend to show shoulder width and are not suitable for girls with broad shoulders. Mid-length and long styles are best worn open, and worn with slim-fitting items underneath to create a more layered effect and make you appear taller and slimmer.

As far as shoulder sleeves are concerned, the grandma-style cardigan with standard sleeves and the one with dropped shoulder sleeves are equally divided. Standard sleeves mean that the splicing point between the main body of the shirt and the sleeves is in the middle of the shoulder, which is relatively clear. This kind is very popular and not difficult to control.

Dropped shoulder sleeves refer to the position where the splicing line between the main body of the garment and the sleeves falls on the upper arm, which is equivalent to the body intruding into the sleeves. The biggest advantage of this kind of sleeves is that they have a more lazy feel and are very casual. And most importantly, it is very friendly to girls with narrow shoulders and paper figures, and the retouching effect is great.

Selection suggestions: From the perspective of sleeve type, it is recommended that girls with wide shoulders and slanted shoulders choose standard sleeves, which will not expose more defects, while girls with narrow shoulders and paper-cut shoulders choose dropped shoulders. It would be more suitable if it has a widening and thickening effect. From a style perspective, standard sleeves are more traditional and natural, while dropped shoulder sleeves are more casual and lazy.

The second style design

The twist pattern is a pattern design full of retro style. It is more common on thick knitted cardigans. It mainly includes twist patterns and vertical strips. line and so on. The cable pattern has a strong three-dimensional effect, and it has a strong retro literary flavor when worn on the body. It is suitable for girls who take the forest style route.

Selection suggestions: The cable pattern cardigan is undoubtedly the most suitable element for grandma style. The thick stick + twist are just like in the memory. It has a strong literary style and is highly recognizable. However, because the pattern has a strong three-dimensional effect, it is easy to cause a sense of swelling when worn, so girls with big frames and fat girls may have to avoid it.

The grandma cardigan with contrasting colors may be the best design that combines retro and modern styles. The colors of the items in autumn and winter tend to be darker. If you can choose some bright colors to put together the combination, it can instantly enhance the eye-catching effect and trendy value, giving a sense of old things being re-worn.

Selection suggestions: Contrasting colors can be divided into complementary color splicing and similar color splicing. The former has a stronger visual impact, while the latter has a better sense of layering. You can choose according to personal preferences. But no matter which one you choose, be careful not to have more than 3 colors, otherwise it will be very scattered and not high-end enough.

The styles of jacquard design are even more abundant, and the most classic one is plaid. Plaid is a typical British style element, and the upper body is full of modern effects. And there are more plaid patterns to choose from, the more common ones are curtain plaid, Prince of Wales plaid and houndstooth plaid. In short, wearing plaid is conducive to creating an elegant and elegant wearing effect.

In addition to plaid, some animal patterns and geometric patterns are also common designs in grandma’s cardigans. These elements are relatively more lively and changeable, and can have a more specific expression of personality. However, the size of the unit area of ​​the pattern will affect fatness and thinness. Large patterns will visually expand and make you fatter, while fine patterns will make you slimmer.

Selection suggestions: The element of jacquard mainly depends on personal preference, and if you pursue a classic and timeless dressing effect, plaid is the best choice, and you can’t go wrong with the safety brand. If young people are pursuing fashion and eye-catching, they can choose some more personalized elements to embellish it, which will help distinguish them from passers-by.

The third material

Blended fabric is a blended chemical fiber fabric. It is a product formed by mixing chemical fibers with other natural materials. It has both the style of polyester and the ability to integrate The advantages of other mixed materials, so it is also a more popular fabric.

Selection suggestions: Blended fabrics are generallyThey all have complementary advantages, and the pilling rate will be lower. For spring and autumn, it is recommended to choose cotton blends, which will be more comfortable to wear; in winter, choose wool, cashmere or mink blends, which will have better warmth retention effect.

Wool is a natural fiber fabric with strong thermal insulation properties. It feels light and soft, has a certain degree of elasticity, and has strong hygroscopicity and plasticity. Moreover, cardigans made of wool will not wrinkle easily, making them perfect for autumn and winter wear. However, pure wool cardigans are relatively expensive and are suitable for ladies with a sufficient budget.

Selection suggestions: There are many types of wool materials, the more representative ones are sheep wool and merino wool. Sheep wool cardigans have thick fibers and may feel stuck when worn close to the body. Merino wool cardigans are relatively thinner and are considered to be a relatively high-quality variety of wool. You can choose based on how you feel when wearing it.

Mohair is actually a type of wool, which is taken from the coat of Angora goats. The thermal insulation effect of mohair is between wool and cashmere. Its fiber is relatively thick and has a velvety texture. It looks very warm and can create a gentle and sweet temperament.

Selection suggestions: Mohair is a plush fabric with a smooth surface, less elasticity and curl, and looks very noble when worn. However, it will shed hair, and long hair will have a visual expansion effect. Girls with big frames will look stronger when wearing it, so choose carefully.

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