China Fabric Factory Fabric News What are the steps to customize a T-shirt (starting with the design style)

What are the steps to customize a T-shirt (starting with the design style)

If you are considering getting involved in the custom T-shirt market, you will be happy to know that the industry is booming. According to the “DIYSKU Personalized Customized…

If you are considering getting involved in the custom T-shirt market, you will be happy to know that the industry is booming. According to the “DIYSKU Personalized Customized Design On-Demand Printing Industry Forecast Report”, the industry will reach more than US$3 billion in 2025, slightly higher than US$2.2 billion in 2022.

There are many reasons for the market surge, among which the rise of cross-border e-commerce is one of the main driving forces. More people are shopping online now than ever before, which opens up new opportunities for people who want to sell online.


It is now easier than ever to build your own cross-border e-commerce store. With Shopify, SKUKING, Appify and DIYSKU, anyone can build a beautiful and powerful cross-border e-commerce independent station even without programming knowledge. E-commerce platforms can even provide tools to help you manage your business. There’s also a print-on-demand business model, which makes selling custom T-shirts affordable and relatively risk-free.

However, there are many things to consider in order to have a successful online custom T-shirt business. This includes setting up and marketing your store, designing your t-shirts and using the best materials for printing.

DIYSKU has made some small suggestions based on years of business experience in personalized customization services and printing manufacturers. DIYSKU created this article to help you understand which T-shirts are best for you. print-on-demand business.

Fabric Types

When deciding on the best printed t-shirt, there are many different types of fabrics to choose from. Different materials give T-shirts different characteristics, such as price, comfort and durability, and consumers want to be able to choose from a variety of options.

Arguably, the most popular T-shirt material is cotton, mainly because it is a strong and affordable material that is ideal for printing. Cotton is made in a variety of ways, including:

Regular cotton

Regular cotton is probably the most common type of cotton found in T-shirts. The material is affordable and strong, helping to create a great value for money t-shirt. Cotton is made from the fibrous fruit of the cotton plant, by spinning the individual fibers into a thread.

Combed cotton

Combed cotton is made of the same material as ordinary cotton, but has undergone additional processes. When making combed cotton, the cotton strands are treated before being spun into yarn. This additional processing removes impurities, which helps make the final product softer and stronger.

Ring-spun cotton

Ring-spun cotton also undergoes a different process from ordinary cotton. Yarn is made by thinning and twisting cotton threads so they can be made into strong, fine cotton ropes. In addition to being more durable, ring-spun cotton is also softer and more expensive than regular cotton.

Ring-combed cotton

As the name suggests, ring-combed cotton undergoes ring spinning and combing processes. The result is one of the finest printed t-shirts available, unrivaled in softness, strength and comfort. The premium quality of ring-combed cotton is reflected in the price tag.

Not all T-shirts are made exclusively from cotton; other materials include:


It is fairly common to mix one or more of the above materials with cotton to produce cotton blends . Mixing materials in this way creates fabrics with different properties, such as making them softer or more stretchy.

This article is excerpted from the “DIYSKU Personalized Customized Design On-Demand Printing Industry Overseas White Paper” edited and compiled by the SKUKING Cross-border E-commerce Research Center. Fans and friends can view more sharing of DIYSKU in previous issues on the “DIYSKU personalized custom design and printing platform”, or contact (SKUKINGCOM) to obtain a complete industry insight report and other information.

The best T-shirt colors

T-shirts are available in a variety of colors, giving designers more room to work. Color is not only important in your design, but also in terms of personal preference. After all, ask a group of people what their favorite color is and you’ll get a range of answers. Different colors also play an important role in psychology and may help influence how people feel about your product.

On T-shirts, some colors are more popular than others, which may affect your sales. Here are some of the best t-shirt colors and how they affect how people feel about your t-shirt and brand.


Black is one of the most popular t-shirt colors because it is a “safe” color that still looks stylish. Color can also evoke feelings of mystery, elegance and sophistication.


White is a neutral color that is often preferred when creating designs. White symbolizes purity and cleanliness.


Gray is another safe, neutral color. While not the most exciting color, gray is still an excellent canvas and useful when paired with other outfits.


Red is a bright, energetic color that infuses emotions with energy. While not ideal for many designs, it is great for those looking for an exciting canvas.Perfect for designers.


Blue helps give a professional and reliable impression. Commonly used in the corporate world, different shades of blue also provide a great backdrop for T-shirt designs.

Different versions of T-shirts

As important as the color of the T-shirt is its fit. Many people will be looking for a specific fit, and it’s a good idea to offer a range that appeals to people’s preferences. People’s preferences for T-shirt fit vary based on factors such as how they are used, fashion and body shape.

The following are some of the more popular T-shirt styles:

Classic fit
Classic fit T-shirts are the most popular one of the types. The classic fit T-shirt is comfortable but not baggy and suitable for a variety of occasions.

Regular fit
The regular fit T-shirt is a very form-fitting style, but still leaves room for movement. They help create relatively smart wardrobe pieces that make them suitable for social occasions.

Slim fit
Slim fit is one of the tightest styles of all T-shirts. Its tight-fitting nature means it shows off the wearer’s shape, making it ideal for bodybuilders.

Loose fit
The loose fit does not stick to the skin and provides the wearer with ample space. This loose-fitting design makes these tees a great choice for most sports and other activities, as well as being perfect for relaxing at home.

Personalized custom design tool

T-shirts are the most suitable product for design creativity. With the DIYSKU personalized custom design and printing system, you can create different styles The works are available for customers to choose from, or they can DIY their own designs and creations on your website.

DIYSKU helps you build a DIY customized design system + shopping mall website, allowing users to design self-service DIY online, eliminating the need for “customized drawings”. Efficient + WYSIWYG one-stop solution, suitable for graphic printing industry, digital printing, thermal transfer printing, pyrography, DIY custom sellers, cross-border e-commerce POD on-demand printing, etc.

Establish an independent website through DIYSKU, allowing customers to design T-shirts, coffee cups, hats, mobile phone cases, canvas bags and other products on your independent website;
It is also possible Through DIYSKU’s efficient WYSIWYG technology, we design the main image of the product renderings, and then put them on Amazon, eBay, Shopee, WalMart and other platforms for sale.

T-shirt brands suitable for printing

T-shirt manufacturers are aware of the popularity of customized T-shirts. As a result, some of them create ranges suitable for custom printing, so using these brands will help ensure you get the best results. Of course, it is important to ensure that each product is suitable for printing, as manufacturers produce ranges of products to meet different specifications for customers.

Here are a selection of some of the best t-shirt brands for printing custom t-shirts.


Champion is a famous T-shirt brand, perhaps most associated with sports. They offer quality T-shirts in a variety of styles and materials, including the soft and comfortable Heritage Jersey range.


Gildan produces a range of T-shirts and other apparel. One of their best options is the G500 Heavy Cotton Series, which is durable and affordable.

American Appare

As the name suggests, American Apparel offers a selection of T-shirts and other apparel. The company’s Unisex Fine Jersey 2001 collection offers a stylish silhouette and fitted look that falls within the mid-range price range.


Bella+Canvas is a wholesaler of various clothing products including T-shirts. The brand’s 3001 series is known for its comfort and is mid-priced.

Next Level Sueded

Some consumers are more interested in quality than price, so it is a good idea for some custom T-shirt companies to offer Next Level Sueded series. This t-shirt is breathable and very soft, which helps make it one of the best quality printed t-shirts. It’s at the higher end of the price spectrum, but many people will be more than happy to pay for a quality product.


The above are just a small number of T-shirts that meet different requirements and are also suitable for printing.

DIYSKU is a WYSIWYG design solution that allows customers to DIY their own designs, which not only meets customers’ expectations for products, but also improves overall service experience and transaction efficiency.

The importance of choosing the right t-shirt for print on demand cannot be underestimated. First, there needs to be material suitable for printing so that the design is clear. You also need to make sure your T-shirts are in demand, and the style and price help make them attractive.

You may not have picked out the right T-shirt from the start, but at this point, another advantage of using a print-on-demand model becomes apparent. The advantage is that you don’t have to order the t-shirts in bulk, you can order them individually. This means you can try different T-shirts first, helping you find the perfect combination while limiting your financial risk.

Another important consideration is finding a print-on-demand partner you can trust. The right partner will produce high-quality printing for you and offer a range of the highest quality T-shirt printing and other printed apparel.

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