China Fabric Factory Fabric News Which sweatshirt material has good texture (selection of sweatshirt fabrics)

Which sweatshirt material has good texture (selection of sweatshirt fabrics)

A friend asked in the message about the purchase of sweatshirt fabrics. Due to the lack of time, I had to select some snippets from a professional perspective online for reference.…

A friend asked in the message about the purchase of sweatshirt fabrics. Due to the lack of time, I had to select some snippets from a professional perspective online for reference.

Sweatshirt fabric: Generally made of cotton, or a little blended, it is a knitted terry cloth (three-thread inlay), with a knitted pattern on the front and terry on the inside. If it is raised, it is called flannel. . , because it has a high chance of being worn close to the body and pays attention to comfort. It is best to use pure cotton fabrics for sweatshirts. The sweatshirts made have the best comfort experience. The best cotton in China is Xinjiang cotton. Due to the special geographical environment, Xinjiang cotton has long lint, high fiber tenacity and good quality. . Coupled with the combing process, shorter cotton fibers are combed out and impurities in the cotton are removed to create smooth yarn, making the cotton fibers more resilient and less prone to pilling, and the quality of the cotton is more stable.


The materials used to make sweatshirts on the market can be roughly divided into four types. The most common ones are pure cotton, polyester-cotton, mercerized cotton and gold velvet. Different materials use different raw materials and processing techniques. The characteristics and functions of these four materials are also different. Girls can choose fabrics that meet their needs.

(1) Pure cotton material

Pure cotton material is one of the most commonly used fabrics for sweatshirts. It is mainly made of cotton as raw material and is a fabric produced by textile technology. . Generally speaking, the cotton fiber itself in pure cotton materials has the advantages of high elasticity and porousness. It can store a large amount of air between the fibers, so it has good moisture absorption and heat resistance, and it is comfortable to wear and relatively skin-friendly. However, the herbal fibers of pure cotton are relatively fragile, so although the fabric is soft, it is easily deformed and shrinks when exposed to water.

Selection: For girls with sensitive skin, pure cotton fabric is the best choice. If the sweat glands are more developed and girls sweat easily, choose pure cotton fabric, which is soft, comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbent. Skin properties are also excellent. At the same time, it can also withstand outdoor activities. However, due to the fact that it is easy to deform and shrink when exposed to water, the usage rate will be reduced, so you can choose a lower-priced sweatshirt, which will be more cost-effective.

(2) Polyester-cotton material

Polyester-cotton material is a polyester-cotton blended fabric, with polyester as the main component, using 60%-67% polyester and 33%-40% Textiles woven from cotton blended yarn. The polyester fiber is a hydrophobic fiber, which has a strong affinity for oil stains and can easily absorb oil stains. It has the advantages of polyester style and cotton fabric, good elasticity and wear resistance, stable size, low shrinkage, and not easy to deform.

Selection: Sweatshirts made of polyester may not be as comfortable as pure cotton, but they are resistant to extrusion and abrasion. The fabric is harder and can provide stiff support when worn on the body, so it is suitable for people with short stature. The girl is very friendly. However, since it is easy to produce static pilling after being worn for a long time, it may be more cost-effective for girls who often change clothes.

(3) Mercerized cotton material

Mercerized cotton, also known as ice silk cotton, is made of high-woven yarn by worsted spinning, and then undergoes special processing procedures such as singeing and mercerization. Made into high-quality mercerized yarn that is smooth, bright, soft and wrinkle-resistant. It can retain the excellent natural characteristics of raw cotton, and has a silky luster, making the fabric soft to the touch. The fabrics have better drape and elasticity than most fabrics, and are of high quality so the price is not low.

Selection: The sweatshirt fabric made of mercerized cotton is very delicate. It has excellent elasticity and flexibility. Compared with cotton and polyester cotton, it has the highest sweat absorption and breathability, so it has a higher price. So for girls who have a higher pursuit of clothing quality, pay attention to skin-friendly comfort experience, and have enough budget, mercerized cotton sweatshirts are an excellent choice.

(4) Golden velvet material

Golden velvet material is mainly made of silk and viscose filament interlaced as raw materials, using a double-layer weaving method. Velvet silk fabric has dense velvet, long and slightly slanted hair, but it is not as smooth as other velvet types, but it has the characteristics of soft hand feeling and strong wool shape. The gold velvet sweatshirt made from this feels silky and tough, and looks relatively high-end.

Selection: The sweatshirt made of gold velvet material looks reflective and bling, which is closer to the wild hip-hop style. The fine fuzz on the surface is soft and feels skin-friendly. Therefore, it is very suitable for girls who have street style and hip-hop style. It has an obvious sense of high-end and wildness. It is also suitable for girls who pursue comfort.

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