China Fabric Factory Fabric News What kind of fabric is linen fabric (what are linen and chiffon)

What kind of fabric is linen fabric (what are linen and chiffon)

After the Qingming Festival, the temperature gradually rises, and beauty-loving ladies can’t wait to put on beautiful and elegant dresses. The sales of light and cool summer clothe…

After the Qingming Festival, the temperature gradually rises, and beauty-loving ladies can’t wait to put on beautiful and elegant dresses. The sales of light and cool summer clothes in online and offline women’s clothing stores have also begun to increase significantly. Both chiffon and linen are often used in women’s clothing fabrics, and they are also fabrics familiar to most female consumers. So what kind of fabrics are linen and chiffon? What is the difference between the two?


Linen is a light cotton fabric with thin longitudinal stripes on the cloth surface. Most of them are made of pure cotton. Yarn weaving is also made of cotton and linen blended yarns, including polyester/cotton, polyester/linen, fiber/cotton and other blended linen yarns. Linen yarn is named because it is as cool as linen. It is one of the main types of clothing in spring and summer. It has the characteristics of being cool and breathable.

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The linen yarn can be bleached, dyed, printed, jacquard, or colored It is suitable for making shirts for men and women, children’s clothes and pants, including skirt fabrics, handkerchiefs and decorative fabrics. Linen yarn can be divided into ordinary linen yarn and fancy linen yarn according to its organizational structure. Ordinary linen yarn generally adopts a weft-heavy flat weave, and the warp yarns are No. 18 to 13. The weft density is 10% to 15% higher than the warp density, so that the cloth surface has obvious straight lines in the warp direction. Fancy linen yarn is made by using changes in the fabric structure, or using different numbers of warp yarns and changing warp yarn arrangements. There are varieties such as changing linen yarn, wicker linen yarn, and different warp linen yarn.

In recent years, a new type of linen yarn has been released, called nano-linen yarn. This is a new type of linen yarn fabric, which is made by integrating nanotechnology into the linen-like yarn fabric. Compared with conventional tangled chiffon, it has better pulling endurance, is not easy to pull out, and is not easy to show through. It has a unique coolness, natural feel and softness. It also has certain waterproof properties.


Chiffon is a light and transparent fabric. It was originally a silk fabric made of strongly twisted crepe warp and crepe weft. Chiffon has a light and transparent texture, soft and elastic feel, light and elegant appearance, good breathability and drape, and is elegant and comfortable to wear. The lightness, weight, thickness, thinness, transparency and silk crepe effect of georgette. Generally applied to skirts or bottoming shirts worn by women in summer.

Chiffon is a yarn (not spun) product among silk products. Its name comes from the transliteration of English Chiffon. It means light and transparent fabric, which has the characteristics of light, transparent, soft and elegant fabric. In recent years, due to the rapid development of chemical fiber technology, “chemical fiber” has gradually replaced the original “silk”.

Generally speaking, the composition of imitation silk chiffon is 100% polyester (chemical fiber). Its texture is light, thin, soft, has good natural drape, and feels good against the skin. However, because imitation silk chiffon is a pure fiber, It is not easy to discolor after being washed many times, is not afraid of exposure to the sun, is easy to take care of (machine washable), and has better durability. The composition of silk chiffon fabric is 100% mulberry silk. Its texture is light and transparent. It is elegant, comfortable, cool and breathable, and has strong moisture absorption. These are things that simulated silk chiffon cannot achieve. However, silk chiffon fabrics also have some shortcomings, such as: they easily turn gray and light after being washed too much, cannot be exposed to the sun (it will turn yellow), are difficult to care for (need to be washed by hand), and are not strong enough (the yarn is easy to stretch and the seams are easy to tear). break).

The difference between linen yarn and chiffon

In terms of raw materials, chiffon is made of georgette yarn (commonly used synthetic filament that imitates silk), while linen yarn is made of pure cotton yarn. Its raw materials may be a mixture of cotton and linen, the two are different in raw materials. In terms of weaving method, linen yarn is mainly weft-heavy plain weave, while chiffon is woven with 2S and 2Z alternately arranged and interwoven with plain weave. However, both have the characteristics of fine, light texture, cool and smooth texture.

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