China Fabric Factory Fabric News Which fabric is better, georgette or chiffon (makes your clothes more classy)

Which fabric is better, georgette or chiffon (makes your clothes more classy)

It is the nature of every woman to love beauty. Almost many women like fashionable and personalized clothing. There is nothing wrong with pursuing fashion, but choosing what kind o…

It is the nature of every woman to love beauty. Almost many women like fashionable and personalized clothing. There is nothing wrong with pursuing fashion, but choosing what kind of clothing to reflect your own style is a question worthy of careful consideration.

The more popular fashions at the moment may not be suitable for you to try. Outfits with exaggerated styles and designs may not necessarily enhance your temperament, but will instead make you look more stylish. The matching just got tackier.

If you want to reduce the error rate of matching, you must use the texture of the fabric to calculate whether a single product is worth trying and choosing. The following fabric fashions can be tried to help you improve your temperament and taste.

01: Organza fabric, crisp and textured

In the hot summer, most people I don’t know what kind of clothing to choose to create my own style. For women who like skirts, they can give priority to skirts made of organza fabric.

Organza fabric is different from ordinary tulle fabrics. The overall texture is outstanding and the stiffness is very strong. It can show the fashion pattern more three-dimensionally and show a certain degree of recognition.

Knowledge point: In fact, it is not difficult to find that many people wear ordinary tulle fabric skirts, and the style looks ordinary. , even has a sense of cheapness, because the fabric itself has no texture, but if you change it to organza fabric, the style can show a different atmosphere.

For women with smaller body frames, wearing such clothes will make the whole person look more energetic, and the shoulder contours will be clearer, making the figure more elegant. If you just wear loose gauze fashion, the texture will not be outstanding, but will appear wrinkled, which will make the match even worse.

02: Comfortable chiffon fabric to create a refreshing outfit

The most suitable thing to try in summer The dress must be made of chiffon fabric. The chiffon fabric is cool and cool, extremely comfortable and skin-friendly. The most important thing is that the chiffon fabric has a very good texture and the drape is in place. When you wear a chiffon fabric skirt , the outfit will look more decent and show elegance.

Knowledge point: Compared with ordinary polyester fabrics, chiffon fabrics are moderate in texture and appear more textured. The fabrics are relatively easier to take care of and are less prone to wrinkles. It is also more breathable. In the hot summer, you can use this kind of clothing to create a refreshing outfit, allowing you to dress freely.

03: Satin fabric is silky and comfortable, showing noble style

Among the many fabrics, The fabric with outstanding texture must be satin fabric. This kind of fabric looks shiny, silky and comfortable.

In the hot summer, it is also worth trying and matching. Even if the fashion style you choose is ordinary, satin fabric will play its own advantages and help you improve the texture of the match.

Knowledge point: For women who are too fat, or whose belly is too round, or even have a lot of fat on their body, it is not suitable to match satin fabrics. Fashion, this kind of fabric is very conformable, and most satin fashions are mainly slim-fitting.

It is easy to expose your body defects, but if you are tall and slender enough, you can wear this kind of fashion to be more fairy-like and show a certain elegance The atmosphere makes the matching more elegant.

04: Hollow fabric is breathable and cool, showing individual style

For many women, in In the hot summer, people pay more attention to sun protection, so they choose some sun protection clothes to create their own style.

In fact, you can choose fashionable clothes with hollow fabrics. This fashion style is relatively more individual and casual, and can help us create cool and comfortable summer outfits.

Knowledge point: It is not recommended that you choose complicated hollow fashion, but mainly simple styles, such as round neck A loose-fitting hollow top. This top not only has a sun protection effect, but also makes the outfit look everyday enough. Avoid choosing a style that is too slim. The slimmer the style, the higher the requirements for your figure. If your figure is NoHowever, wearing hollow fabrics can easily expose body defects and make the outfit lose texture.

05: Pure cotton fabric shows texture, and the matching style is not restrictive

For most people In other words, if you want your outfit to be practical enough, you should choose pure cotton fabrics. This fashion style is casual and can create a basic style or a casual style. Even in some formal occasions, wearing pure cotton fabrics allows you to switch between styles freely, and you will never feel restricted in shaping your style.

Knowledge point: Although the texture of pure cotton fabric is very good, this fabric is not very wrinkle-resistant, so It is not recommended that you try pure cotton fashion that is too slim-fitting. The slimmer the fit, the greater the chance of wrinkles, which will affect the texture of the match and make your style less refined.

We can choose looser pure cotton fashion, mainly loose shirts, or loose jackets. These items can show a grand style and make the outfit look textured and stylish. Makes matching extremely comfortable.

Fashion summary: Each fabric has advantages and disadvantages, but in order to make the combination more textured and fashionable To improve, we should first choose textured fabrics instead of using rough fabrics to interpret our style. Which of the above fabric fashions do you prefer?

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