China Fabric Factory Fabric News How to choose short-sleeves (if you don’t know these 3 tips for choosing short-sleeves, just wait until you become fat and round)

How to choose short-sleeves (if you don’t know these 3 tips for choosing short-sleeves, just wait until you become fat and round)

T-shirt is an indispensable item all year round. Everyone should have at least several pieces~ But there are so many people wearing T-shirts, but there are not many people who can …

T-shirt is an indispensable item all year round. Everyone should have at least several pieces~

But there are so many people wearing T-shirts, but there are not many people who can wear T-shirts well. several.

Let alone celebrity street photography, even in life, it is not difficult for us to find out why others look beautiful and fashionable when wearing T-shirts, but we ourselves are vulgar and ugly. It’s really So angry.

Is it because of the problem of figure and appearance? Today I will tell you loudly, yes.

Wait, don’t hit me in a hurry

Most of us have neither the looks nor the looks of celebrities We have a supermodel figure, so we need to pay more attention to the selection of T-shirts. In short, if the T-shirt doesn’t look good on you, it’s because you didn’t buy the right one!

Without further ado, today I will tell you 3 tips for choosing T-shirts, so that you can say goodbye to being tacky and look like a superstar~

Style: Wear large Don’t wear small clothes

The first condition that determines whether the clothes look good or not is the style, so the style of the T-shirt is also very important.

Don’t think that T-shirts all look the same, but the styles are different, and the effects of wearing them are also very different.

Remember one thing, wear a T-shirt too big or too small.

For example, the oversized style is now popular. The looser the clothes, the more fashionable they are, especially those with a strong casual feel like T-shirts or sweatshirts. The looser the clothes, the better they look.

T-shirts like this, which are slim-fitting and half-length but not short, are outdated. If you happen to still have such a T-shirt in your wardrobe, don’t wear it anymore. It’s really a bit tacky.

Fabric: Stiffness is the key to style

The choice of T-shirt fabric is also particularly important.

It’s best not to buy soft fabrics, as they are shapeless and look old. Stiff and somewhat thick T-shirts are the first choice, and they are not easy to deform. There is no problem at all if you wear them for a long time.

T-shirts made of materials like this are really like home clothes. I admit that they are comfortable, but they are really not high-end. I advise you to wear them at home and not go out. Wear it on the side.


Although we bought a lot of T-shirts, it is undeniable that the most popular ones in our wardrobe are black and white T-shirts.

Today we will focus on white T-shirts. As we all know, white is also divided into many kinds of white, such as pure white, milky white, ivory white, etc. So there are so many whites, which one should we choose?

The answer is pure white, because pure white does not look old but looks high-end. Don’t buy those colors that are slightly yellowish. It feels like a T-shirt that has turned yellow after being stored for a long time.

After trying on many basic T-shirts, I finally decided to recommend this super comfortable Shiqi cotton white T-shirt to you.

It has three major characteristics: super sweat-absorbent, super breathable, and super comfortable. It is simply perfect for elites in various industries who pursue quality, love to sweat, and love to exercise~

Sweat-absorbent and breathable

The most fearful thing about white T-shirts in summer is that they will become transparent when exposed to water or sweating, which is simply embarrassing~

Like love With a sweaty body, it is easy to get wet under the armpits whenever you raise your arms in summer, which is really embarrassing~

In order to avoid these embarrassing moments, Liqi cotton white T-shirts are completely powerful. It has moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking ability and sinks into water in 5 seconds, while all the water in ordinary T-shirts leaks out and is not absorbed.

In addition to its sweat-absorbing ability, its breathability is also very good.

Like in hot weather, you must have that feeling of being too hot no matter how little you wear. The sweaty feeling is really uncomfortable.

Because I tend to sweat a lot, I have very high requirements for the breathability of my clothes.

We put the Shiqi cotton T-shirt on the humidifier, and the gas can still come out of the clothes, no matter how much we sweat.

Even if 10 layers of fabrics are stacked together, the smoke can easily come through. Just asking you, is this effect surprising?

Put the Shiqi cotton T-shirt into the water. The T-shirt will sink quickly because of its strong water absorption.

Look at other T-shirts. If you put an egg on them, they won’t sink. Do you still expect them to absorb sweat? How sultry it is to wear this summer~
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Even compared with the Auntie T-shirt, the Shiqi cotton T-shirt’s sweat-absorbing ability is completely superior. You no longer have to worry about sweating profusely in summer.

Let’s take a look at the actual upper body measurements. The left one is an ordinary cotton T-shirt, and the right one is a Liqi cotton T-shirt. We sprinkled water on the backs of two colleagues to simulate sweat drops, and then asked them to wipe it dry with their T-shirts.

Although the colleague on the left rubbed it for longer than the one on the right, his clothes were not strong enough and the paper towel got wet and stuck to his back.
So comfortable that it feels like you’re not wearing anything

The Shiqi cotton T-shirt is so comfortable that it feels like you’re not wearing it. Softer than baby wipes.

Let’s test its softness.

Unexpectedly, ordinary fabric turns out to be so hard…it has 620mN~

Let’s take a look at the softness of Shiqi cotton: 229mN. It is 25% softer than last year’s official softness data of 308mN.

What does it feel like to wear it? It definitely looks like it’s not wearing anything~

Why can the Shiqi cotton T-shirt be so soft? Using “golden cotton” among long-staple cotton, Xinjiang Arabs have been bathed in more than 2,900 hours of sunshine.��er Taolei cotton weaving.

Whether it is softness, gloss, skin-friendliness, breathability, or elasticity, it is far superior to ordinary cotton.

Many luxury brands choose peach cotton for high-end clothing, with a fiber length of more than 33 mm.

The longer the fiber length of cotton, the higher the quality, and the softer and more elastic the cloth produced.
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A century of ingenuity from the Seventeenth National Cotton Factory

The original fabric of this Shiqi cotton T-shirt is from the “Seventeenth National Cotton Factory” that was once popular all over the country. Each piece is integrated with modern technology and has gone through 37 processes. The quality and feel of the T-shirt is perfect.

The Seventeenth National Cotton Factory has a long history. It was founded in Shanghai in 1921. It was also the first enterprise in the country to mass-produce cotton acrylic yarn, supplying 40% of the country’s cotton cloth.

This T-shirt also incorporates elements of old Shanghai, making it more story-telling. So, what you wear is not just a T-shirt, but also feelings~

The thickness of the clothes is moderate. It is neither too thin to look cheap nor too thick to be airtight, and it will not appear at all. Bump situation.

And it won’t turn yellow or deform after being worn for a long time, giving it a full sense of luxury.

The special elastic threaded neckline will not deform no matter how you wash it.

It is not the disposable T-shirt on the market at all, it will still look like new no matter how long you wear it.

The design of the neckline height of the T-shirt is very particular. Wearing it gives people a positive and energetic feeling, rather than a frivolous or conservative feeling.

You can also wear couple costumes with your girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s so simple and low-key, it’s like a low-key show of dog food~

And there are also children’s styles. It would also be nice to wear a parent-child outfit. The clothes children wear must be comfortable and breathable, and Shiqi cotton T-shirts do it all~

A high-quality T-shirt that is so comfortable, breathable, and more absorbent than auntie towels. The price is less than 100 yuan~

Don’t pay 998, you can take it home for only 89 yuan. It’s not a problem to buy one and wear it for 3 or 5 years. Calculating it this way, you won’t need to wear it even once. to 1 yuan~

Throw away the cheap T-shirts in your closet, you deserve better~

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