China Fabric Factory Fabric News What does Salona fabric mean (it is still the most fashionable and versatile in summer)

What does Salona fabric mean (it is still the most fashionable and versatile in summer)

T-shirts are the most versatile. When the season changes, all major fashion bloggers will definitely buy T-shirts. A T-shirt is indispensable in all kinds of street photography and…

T-shirts are the most versatile.

When the season changes, all major fashion bloggers will definitely buy T-shirts. A T-shirt is indispensable in all kinds of street photography and magazine items.

A simple solid-color T-shirt, clean and neat, can be worn in all seasons. It looks good with a jacket or underneath.

The key point is that it is easy to match with clothes. Whether it is shorts, trousers, or skirts, a plain T-shirt can be matched fashionably and high-end.

And it doesn’t matter your age, you can wear it from 18 to 50 years old.

But you can’t buy T-shirts casually.

The T-shirts I bought before were easy to deform after being worn many times. They were so baggy that they looked like pajamas. They were very classy to wear. The fabric was rough and easy to pill. If the clothes were not breathable, they would be uncomfortable in the summer and cause sweating. The smell lingers, it’s sticky and smelly, it’s really a pain.

Buy a basic T-shirt, it would be great if it meets the following points:

The fabric should be good enough, moderately soft, not easy to pill, and not easy to turn yellow after long-term washing;

Good shape;

Quick-drying, breathable, and durable Comfortable and not easy to deform;

Easy to care for and cost-effective

Solona’s 2021 New Year T-shirt series is worth it Once worn.

The fabric is really good. This is an environmentally friendly T-shirt. It uses sorona fiber, which has been studied by DuPont Company for many years. It feels soft and durable. Good elasticity and not easy to deform.

The breathability is comparable to cotton and linen. It feels like every pore can breathe when worn. It feels really comfortable and the texture will definitely impress friends like you and me who pursue a comfortable life.

I bought two pieces that are suitable for girlfriends or couples. The T-shirts are easy to match and look good no matter how you wear them.

Compared with the more common cotton or nylon on the market, Solona’s fabrics are particularly different.

It uses DuPont sorona fiber. A kind of plant renewable functional fiber, used to make clothes or blankets, which is environmentally friendly and saves energy consumption.

It is worth mentioning that SORONA fiber has obtained the first-class certification of OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which is a strict certification of material safety and environmental protection. .

Note: The molecular structure of SORONA® fiber is “spring”-like. Compared with the general “linear” molecular structure fiber, it feels soft and full of elasticity

This kind of fabric, in addition to In addition to being very environmentally friendly, it feels soft and not inferior to cotton fabrics at all. It feels as comfortable as being wrapped in a cloud when worn, and the fabric is very breathable.

The brand also conducted a special test for breathability. Put the fabric between two containers and you can see the heat easily pass through the fabric.

None of us want to buy a piece of clothing that is not breathable. The weather is cool, but once summer comes, if you do a little exercise, your clothes will feel sticky and greasy, sweat stains and stains will stick to your body, and your elegant image will be completely lost.

This T-shirt is breathable, not stuffy, and has excellent sweat absorption. Wear it, don’t worry, your clothes will always get sticky when you exercise in summer.

Compared with T-shirts made of other fabrics, its water absorption effect is very good.

A T-shirt that is equally breathable and sweat-absorbent, worth taking home.

This T-shirt has built-in sun protection properties and can protect against UV rays up to 50%.

Sun protection is not just about sun protection in summer.

It is not enough to apply sunscreen on your face. Putting it on is like putting on a sun protection garment.

Wearing it will prevent sunburn and keep your skin white and tender. It is really considerate.

There is also a special test certificate with a high UV protection factor.

Buy one or two, a T-shirt and sun protection clothing. Wearing it makes you feel more at ease when going to work, shopping, and exercising.

Not only does it protect against ultraviolet rays, but it also has a cooling effect, making it very suitable for summer wear.

In the hot summer, I feel instantly refreshed after wearing it, as if I have a small fan and can breathe freely through the T-shirt.

This T-shirt is really easy to wash, regardless of fruit stains, sweat stains, or mud stains Can be washed off easily.

Put the clothes in water, wash them, and rub them to remove stubborn stains.

Don’t be afraid to say that after being washed many times, clothes will turn yellow or become wrinkled, making them look cheap.

DuPont fabrics have a color-fixing function, so the colors of the clothes will remain bright and beautiful after being worn for a long time.

Coupled with the anti-wrinkle technology, you no longer have to worry about wrinkled clothes affecting your appearance when going out!

For people who are busy with life every day, there is no time to iron clothes every day. This dress is not easy to wrinkle or deform, and it looks like new clothes every time you wear it.

And its elasticity is really good, and the clothes are not easy to deform after being pulled repeatedly. It is different from other fabrics in that the neckline will not become larger and sagging after being worn for a long time.

The fabric is abrasion-resistant. Even if the fabric is rubbed hard with iron wire, the fabric will still not pill. The clothes are really durable.

Don’t worry, it hasn’t been worn for a few days and the clothes are pilling even after being washed a few times. It looks cheap and doesn’t look good.

They are all classic and versatile colors that can be matched with skirts, jeans, and shorts in the wardrobe , wear your own sense of fashion.

Vanilla white, simple and comfortable, is a color that you can’t go wrong with. It looks good no matter what jacket you wear it with, the color is clean and it looks comfortable.

Vanilla black can enhance your aura and make you look slimmer.

Vanilla blue gives people a very gentle feeling, a blue as clear as the ocean, suitable for home, work, There is nothing better than exercise.

Vanilla pink, a very white color, looks girly when worn, and looks much younger.

Vanilla yellow, very energetic when worn, paired with shorts, perfect for summer.

The style is slim and comfortable, the neckline is a classic round neck, the neckline is simple and fit, the craft stitches are straight and the stitching is flat.

Buy a few as gifts for friends, besties, or partners. T-shirts are simple and high-end, showing thoughtfulness.
Summer is approaching, and you don’t want to wear airtight clothes. It’s better to choose a breathable, comfortable, and UV-resistant T-shirt, which is better for yourself.

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