China Fabric Factory Fabric News Which color is best for a sweatshirt (it’s fashionable and will not go out of style in ten years)

Which color is best for a sweatshirt (it’s fashionable and will not go out of style in ten years)

Hi, hello everyone~ Spring has quietly come to us. Although the weather is getting warmer, we still need to wear thicker clothes. This season, sweatshirts have become a common item…

Hi, hello everyone~

Spring has quietly come to us. Although the weather is getting warmer, we still need to wear thicker clothes. This season, sweatshirts have become a common item in the wardrobes of many fashionable people. But sweatshirts of different colors have completely different effects. Nowadays, fashionable people buy these five “white” sweatshirts, which are fashionable and age-reducing. Even if they are worn for ten years, they will not go out of style easily.
Look1: Black sweatshirt


In the fashion industry, black represents stability and solemnity, and it is also a color that we cannot live without in our daily lives. It is a less common color than ordinary purple and dark blue. Black sweatshirts are more versatile and are not flattering on your figure. Even if you wear heavy clothes underneath, they won’t be too bulky. At the same time, wearing it can make your skin whiter and brighten your originally dull skin.

Black absorbs heat better than other colors and can achieve a good warmth-keeping effect. You can wear a simple pair of jeans or sweatpants underneath, both are fine. It can be tried by girls of all ages. It will make the skin appear fairer and translucent. Girls with yellow skin will have a more significant effect when wearing it, and the overall look will be very clean and comfortable.

Look2: Dark green sweatshirt

Don’t underestimate dark green, this is a particularly popular color in recent years. A dark green sweatshirt can make you look more youthful and energetic, and make your skin look whiter. This color can give people a very high-end feeling. Wearing a dark green sweatshirt will make you full of positive energy. But this color is more suitable for young people, and it is not suitable for middle-aged people.

The dark green sweatshirt matches the flaxen hair color and looks more fashionable. Whether you choose to wear it inside or outside, it is very stylish. This color can highlight your personality and make your skin appear whiter by several degrees. Because it is darker in color, it can make your skin tone whiter. There are still quite a few girls wearing this color now, and it is very popular in the fashion industry.

Look3: Gray sweatshirt

Compared with the previous two models, this gray color looks a bit more low-key. Gray is a relatively popular color that does not matter skin color. The overall look is more casual and casual, and it is suitable for matching with dark jackets or trousers. Although the color is relatively low-key, it can add a touch of gentleness and cuteness to your temperament. This color sweatshirt is more resistant to stains. You can wear it for outdoor outings without worrying about it getting stained.

Gray gives people a very calm feeling, and its slimming effect is average compared to the previous two models. So if you are a little fat, it is best not to try it. Choosing a gray sweatshirt will make you look bloated, but gray is the most versatile among many colors. When choosing a sweatshirt, you can choose a looser version to cover up your body. The fleshiness on the body makes the body look more well-proportioned.

Look4: Ginger candy color sweatshirt

The saturation of this color is relatively strong, and it is also relatively bright among yellows. It is very suitable for wearing in spring and autumn, and can also be worn You look more outstanding in the crowd. Some yellows do make your skin look darker when worn, but ginger can make you appear much whiter. Therefore, girls with darker skin can try this color to improve your skin tone.

Wearing a ginger sweatshirt can make your body look whiter and also cover your flesh. It gives you a smooth skin-like effect when you wear it, and it also makes you look extra lively and cute. This color is not so dull and can make you a more energetic girl. No matter what age you are, wearing ginger can make you look very elegant and charming.

Look5: Big red sweatshirt

Spring is the time when everything comes back to life. Choosing a bright red sweatshirt in this season looks festive and energetic. I believe that when you wear a bright red sweatshirt, everyone who sees you will be in a good mood. The bright red color does not have high requirements on skin color and can be worn by anyone. It is whitening and versatile. Bright red is relatively bright, but it can also make your skin whiter and brighter.

When you wear a bright red sweater and walk on the street, it is really eye-catching and eye-catching, making your temperament more elegant and generous. But when wearing a sweatshirt of this color, try to choose darker colors such as white, black or gray, otherwise it will be a bit overwhelming and the overall look will not be so generous. Bright red has always been very popular in the fashion industry because it can make you look better and show good fashion taste.

Now that you have looked at these 4 colors, are there any colors that appeal to your heart? Each of these colors has its own merits, and they can all improve dull skin. They are fashionable and versatile. I believe that you who are very sensitive to fashion have already found the beauty of these colors. This spring needs a little different color to decorate its beauty. Are all the sweatshirts in your wardrobe a bit outdated? Why not replace them with some new colors and styles to make yourself look more energetic and engage in work and life in a fuller state?

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