China Fabric Factory Fabric News What are the benefits of linen fabric (how much do you know about linen)

What are the benefits of linen fabric (how much do you know about linen)

It’s interesting to be close to nature! Many people know that linen is a good material, but few people explain clearly what the benefits of linen are. There are also many benefits …

It’s interesting to be close to nature!

Many people know that linen is a good material, but few people explain clearly what the benefits of linen are. There are also many benefits of wearing linen clothes. Linen clothes have good health effects on the human body. Therefore, it is favored by more and more consumers in the international and domestic markets. To sum up, the advantages of linen clothes are as follows:


Advantages of linen clothes 1. Linen clothes have strong moisture absorption and moisture dissipation capabilities. During the humid rainy season, if the wall coverings, tablecloths, curtains and bed sheets in the living room are replaced with linen fabrics, the indoor humidity can be effectively reduced. In the dry autumn and winter seasons, if you use linen fabric, the room will not be too dry. Linen fabrics work well at keeping air humidity relatively constant.

Advantages of linen clothes 2. Linen clothes have disease prevention effect. Linen clothes have high strength, good corrosion resistance, and are easy to absorb sweat and disperse moisture, so they are helpful in preventing the occurrence of some skin diseases, such as rashes and itchy skin. In addition, compared with cotton fabrics, linen clothes are wet-spun, without the burrs of dry spinning, and there is no itching when worn next to the body. Therefore, linen clothes are an ideal choice in hot summer.

Advantages of linen clothes 3. Linen clothes are not prone to static electricity and dust absorption. Some hospitals and nursing homes use linen for mattresses and surgical gowns.

Advantages of linen clothes 4. Linen clothes can effectively reduce the harmful effects of magnetic fields on the human body. It has been reported that the bodies of workers on expeditions to the Antarctic are susceptible to the effects of strong magnetic fields. However, the team members who wear linen clothes and use linen tents are in good physical condition and are very little affected.

1. Cool.

The heat dissipation performance of linen is 5 times that of wool and 19 times that of silk. In hot weather conditions, wearing linen clothing can make the skin surface temperature 3-4 lower than wearing silk and cotton clothing. degrees Celsius.

2. Dry.

Linen can absorb 20% of its own weight in moisture, and at the same time, it can quickly release the absorbed moisture, keeping you dry no matter how much you sweat.

3. Reduce perspiration.

Helps maintain the body’s electrolyte balance. Studies have shown that linen clothing can reduce human perspiration by 1.5 times compared to wearing cotton clothing.

4. Radiation protection.

Wearing a pair of linen pants can greatly reduce the effects of radiation, such as the decrease in male sperm count caused by radiation.

5. Anti-static.

Blended fabrics containing only 10% flax are enough to prevent static electricity. It can effectively reduce the restlessness, headache, chest tightness and dyspnea caused by static electricity environment.

6. Inhibit bacteria.

Flax has a good inhibitory effect on bacteria and fungi and can effectively prevent some diseases. According to research by Japanese researchers, linen sheets can prevent bedsores in long-term bedridden patients, and linen clothing can help prevent and treat certain skin conditions, such as common rashes and chronic eczema.

7. Anti-allergy.

For people with skin allergies, linen clothing is undoubtedly a good news, because linen fabrics not only do not cause allergic reactions, but help treat some allergic diseases. Linen can reduce inflammation and prevent fever.

With the rise of the trend of returning to nature and the concept of advocating natural life, hand-woven homespun cloth, linen cloth and various linen products based on linen have always been considered unattractive. Gradually it is favored by more and more fashion people.

2016 China Linen Fashion Trend Theme Concept

Through full research and analysis of domestic and foreign markets, starting from consumers’ lifestyle and emotional needs, we launched “Natural Notes” The four major trend themes, “Spiritual Space”, “Freehand Oriental” and “Light and Shadow Game”, not only convey the new season’s linen fashion to the industry and the public, but also guide corporate product research and development and promote the design innovation of linen series clothing, home textiles and decoration.

Chinese linen fashion trends

Theme 1: Notes on nature

Focus on the relationship between man and nature, and use the body to experience the intertwining aspects of natural life. The mysterious connection outlines the admiration and admiration for life in the freehand space. Through traditional painting full of brushstrokes and techniques, one can appreciate the indescribable artistic conception and emotion in nature. Integrate hemp with any natural elements, return to simplicity and intellectuality, and establish a closer connection between man and nature, and get closer to the earth. The natural, pure palette is peaceful and calming. From dull diamond blues to brilliant hues, color exists in infinite spaces.


Theme 2: Spiritual Space


We live in a world that makes people feel tired and confused. era, in which people are surrounded by modern technology all around them. Return to spiritual community instead of being addicted to social networks, return to reality and rediscover the importance of human interaction. In terms of color, natural elements are integrated into the palette to contrast the achromatic colors, which better highlights the human psychology in the spiritual space.

Theme Three: Freehand Oriental

When we enjoy cultural integration and feel those incredible foreign cultures, we are more inclined to use our own folk culture to…View. Combining oriental culture and linen into things and traditions we are familiar with, showing a distant meaning that has settled over time, and combining a small amount of high-brightness and low-gray colors to add a freehand flavor to traditional culture. Bringing strong Eastern culture into our lives today.


Theme Four: Light and Shadow Games

Dynamic colors swing rhythmically under the action of light, decomposing and recombining them. Create a new folk light business style with printing and dyeing, mixed colors, pleats and decoration. Innocent colors are mixed with unusual digital patterns and surprising textures. The collision of relaxed light and shadow tones and linen fabrics representing different patterns conveys to us an illusion of restless calm.


——Lax, linen color and oriental artistic conception——

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