China Fabric Factory Fabric News Where to find custom T-shirt manufacturers (how to find a reliable clothing processing factory)

Where to find custom T-shirt manufacturers (how to find a reliable clothing processing factory)

In people’s minds, the clothing business is basically a model of going to the wholesale market to get the goods and then selling them at a higher price. However, with the imp…

In people’s minds, the clothing business is basically a model of going to the wholesale market to get the goods and then selling them at a higher price. However, with the improvement of people’s clothing quality and personalized needs, this approach is becoming more and more popular now. It doesn’t make sense.

For clothing store owners who have newly opened online or physical stores, many are now moving in the direction of customization, and many need to find their own samples. Only by finding a processing factory to produce it yourself can you make enough profits. If you are not familiar with these manufacturing processes and methods, you will only make one mistake and one step at a time!

Next, Brother Bin will teach you step by step how to find Reliable clothing factory:

1. Clothing factory cooperation model

1. Clothing factory contracting labor and material contracting model: charges will be expensive A lot, save time, low degree of freedom.

2. Pure processing model of clothing factory: cheap, time-consuming, and high degree of freedom.

If you are experienced in clothing, you can sign a contract with a clothing factory; another option is to buy a factory and let the factory director share the equity and run it together.

2. How to find clothing factories

In Guangzhou, it is very convenient to find clothing factories. The factories are mainly located in Zhongda In the surrounding areas, there are two places, Baiyun New City.

Newbies can directly pick up the printed garments and go around Ruikang Road behind Zhongda Jiuzhou and near Kangle Primary School. There will be many processing factory employees guarding them. There is a small blackboard with words asking for cooperation and processing. If you see what is written above: Professional categories such as processed shirts or dresses meet your requirements, you can ask first.

Generally, clothing factories accept special orders, such as Thirteen Lines, UUS, and Baima, and the quality will be better. The situation of online batching by Shahe owners varies from good to bad. Generally, the selling price of quality products is around 39 to 149 yuan.

If you want to choose something with better quality and the selling price is above 179 yuan, it is recommended to consider a factory that specializes in the thirteenth industry. You can go to the factory to observe the quality of the clothes produced.

You can also look for clothing factories on Alibaba; you can also search on forums, and you can also find some clothing processing factories.

3. Negotiate the price and then discuss cooperation

Garment processing factories will usually give you a quotation and ask you if you can accept it. Some processing bosses will first ask you what the price is. You don’t have to answer, or you can give a lower price. If you don’t have the skills and are not afraid of trouble, you can visit a few more factories. The average price quoted by several factories, if it is two yuan lower, it is almost the actual price. If it is lower, the factory’s workmanship is sloppy and the processing quality is poor. After all, you get what you pay for.

If you cooperate a lot and the quality is okay, it is normal to get one or two extra bucks. The most important thing is the attitude of the boss or the person in charge. Some bosses are joking and sincere, so you can really rest assured. Some bosses are reluctant and unenthusiastic. It is best to end the process early, and they will not take orders seriously.

Especially in the early stage, we did not have order-following staff and no one to help with follow-up or quality inspection. Generally, factory shipments are okay, but some defective products are problematic. Help with it. There is no unified standard for clothing processing quotations. They are generally determined based on the process, fabric, and ease of processing. After all, the factory has to weigh employee commissions and factory costs.

If the quantity is large, the room for negotiation will be large, and if the quantity is small, the price will be high.

4. How many pieces can the garment factory accept?

The garment factory considers employee wages, unit profit, etc. Generally, formal ones have a requirement of more than 100 pieces (small factories may be more flexible).

For example, Shenzhen Nanyou, which makes high-end customized clothes, can produce 20 pieces because the profit is very high; for shirts, one piece of fabric can be produced 200�For clothes, you don’t need to limit the quantity; for some space cotton fabrics, only 35 pieces of clothes can be produced per piece. If the unit price is high, the factory is willing to accept it.

When Brother Bin first started making processing orders, one or two fabric factories could also take them, but the schedule might be later. Newbies in clothing can try visiting several clothing factories to find one that can take small orders. After getting started, think of ways to increase the order volume so that clothing can make money.

A friend in Guangzhou makes trendy men’s T-shirts on Tmall. He has a factory that he has been cooperating with, and the orders are kept every day, and several new styles are produced. All parts can be shipped, and the test is very fast. If it explodes, it will be done, and if it doesn’t, it will be replaced. The final stage of the apparel industry is all about supply chain and branding, nothing else.

In general: to find a clothing factory, you can go to Guangzhou Zhongda, pick up the printed clothes and ask about the price. Remember to calculate the fabric fee and processing fee before deciding whether to produce it. Due to quantity limitations, the main price for novices is the unit price, while for veterans it is a cooperative relationship. Some factories can start from 50 pieces, and some need to start from 100 pieces.

When calculating the price, it generally needs to include pattern making fee, fabric fee, processing fee, auxiliary material fee, tag collection and coding fee, and packaging bag fee. , Logistics and transportation fees (fabric to factory, finished product to shipping location).

I hope the above will be useful to all friends who start a clothing business. Please stay tuned for the follow-up clothing business experience!

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