China Fabric Factory Fabric News What jacket to wear over a polo shirt (how to choose one)

What jacket to wear over a polo shirt (how to choose one)

Today we are going to talk about polo shirts! When it comes to polo shirts, some young people may be resistant. The images that come to mind are of middle-aged men with a big belly…

Today we are going to talk about polo shirts! When it comes to polo shirts, some young people may be resistant. The images that come to mind are of middle-aged men with a big belly, wearing a polo shirt and holding a tea cup while walking around and playing chess. Isn’t the image very strong?

Go through your dad’s closet and maybe you can find two polo shirts with crocodile or horse riding old man logos! At that time, they could wear crocodiles or Ralph Lauren polo, and they were considered men with good taste and accent!


Although polo shirts seem to be very vulgar in the eyes of our young people, Polo shirts still exist in everyone’s field of vision today and appear in magazines or magazines from time to time. On the show floor, it shows that it is a piece that can withstand the test of time.

Polo shirts were originally tennis shirts worn by nobles when they played polo. They are characterized by being a combination of business and leisure clothing. It is a piece between T-shirts and traditional shirts. Compared with shirts, they are less serious and more energetic. Compared with T-shirts, they are more serious and less casual.

Because of this feature, polo shirts are favored by the majority of middle-aged and elderly people. After all, wearing T-shirts seems not stable enough when you are older, and wearing shirts every day is too formal and grand. Polo shirts are an excellent choice.

If you can’t feel it now, it’s because you are not old enough. It is recommended to collect it and look at it in a few years. It is absolutely delicious.

Are POLO shirts with stand-up collars popular or not?

The early TV series “Struggle” brought the trend of polo shirts and stand-up collars to the public, guiding Countless others followed suit.

Nowadays, this kind of collar-standing behavior is called a country-style dressing method. Even he himself called on the public not to imitate him.

The stand-up collar of Polo shirts actually has its origins. The original purpose of this style of invention was to prevent the neck from being sunburned during exercise. It has very important practicality, and is not a purely show-off behavior nowadays. .

Whether the stand-up collar is earthy or not actually depends on the situation. When exercising, we consider functionality. The stand-up collar is mainly for practicality, so it will not feel earthy no matter how you stand it. If it is for daily wear, especially on cloudy days or indoors, it is best not to stand up the collar. It will look redundant and most people with short necks cannot control it.

How do POLO shirts not look old-fashioned?

The group of people in China who wear polo shirts has led to the public’s stereotype of this type of clothing. Polo shirts = greasy, polo shirts = old-fashioned?

In fact, as long as the selection and matching of Polo shirts are in place, they are a must-have item for handsome and elegant boys.

Business needs to be fit, leisure can be loose

Anything related to formality must be rigorous, and fit must be the first prerequisite. This fit standard is specifically reflected in several places, including collar circumference, sleeve length, relaxation amount and clothing length.

When the collar of the Polo shirt is buttoned up, there is room for one or two fingers to move around the neck, which will neither strangle the neck nor look sloppy.

The length of the sleeves should be around 1/2 of the upper arm, just fitting the arm. If the biceps are strong, it is just the time to show male hormones. If the cuffs are threaded, the cuffs can fit the arm better.

Choose a well-fitting Polo shirt that fits the torso naturally, has slight wrinkles, and has a relaxed amount of about 8~15cm.

The original polo shirt was designed not to be tucked into the waistband of trousers. It was short in the front and long in the back, with a small slit on the side seam.

Most of today’s polo shirts do not have a slit design that is short in the front and long in the back. If it is not tucked into the waistband of the pants, the length will be about 1/2 or 1/3 of the fly of the pants. It won’t be too long, and your belly won’t be exposed when you stretch out, and the proportion of your upper and lower bodies will be better.

Wearing polo shirts must be able to hold up. Why do Asians always lack taste when wearing polo shirts? It is because the muscles and strength of the body are not enough. Sportsmen should work hard.

Do not choose a buttonless POLO shirt

Polo shirts still need buttons to support the entire pattern, which is more three-dimensional and has no buttons. Polo shirts have no soul. Without the support of the button strips, they are completely shapeless and look sloppy.

Buttons must be buttoned. If you don’t want to button them all, it is recommended to unbutton one or two buttons, so as to maintain the shape of the collar and not cause the clothes to turn out.
The texture of a piece of clothing. With the sexy pink and bright yellow and the tight-fitting style, it is easy to be misunderstood as a gay.

The large logo style is more suitable for showing charm on the court, while the small logo is the first choice for daily use, low-key and tasteful.

Some printed and spliced ​​designs are supposed to increase the sense of design and appeal, but these design elements also increase the difficulty of control. If you are not careful, they will make people look rustic, so choose carefully!

After the selection is in place, you have to consider matching it. If you want to be a little more elegant, you can pair it with trousers and tuck the polo shirt into the trousers to look cleaner and less sloppy. You can change your shoes to loafers, put on glasses and a watch, and you will feel elegant immediately.

It can be worn with jeans and white shoes on a daily basis. The clothes are casual and do not need to be tucked into the waistband. It is the lazy feeling needed on weekends. It is simple and clean.Requires too much thinking.

Start trying the casual version

Many people feel that it is still more business mature and cannot be controlled. You can start with youthful casual polo shirts. This type of casual polo shirt is just like a casual shirt and is more acceptable to everyone.

There are not as many terms and conditions as business shirts in terms of selection. They can be slightly looser based on the fit to make them look more youthful and energetic.

It is also more flexible and versatile in matching, including khaki pants, Bermuda shorts, overalls, casual trousers and jeans, etc., which are very versatile.

It is still a basic model with small prints in solid color to start with. If you are too thin, it is not recommended to choose dark colors, which will make you look thinner. Choose expanded colors such as light colors to make people look stronger. For the same reason, it is not recommended to choose light colors for those who are slightly fat, as they will make them appear more bloated.

Try wearing a polo shirt and strive to be a “gentle” man! If you still have a friend who dislikes wearing polo or wearing a polo shirt with a standing collar, remember to save him and share this article with him!

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