China Fabric Factory Fabric News What are the ways to customize T-shirts (I also want to get a T-shirt like this)

What are the ways to customize T-shirts (I also want to get a T-shirt like this)

A pure white T-shirt + a colored pen + a team’s idea =? The answer is an exclusive customized work of art Recently, the Shenzhen Branch of China Construction Eighth Engineering Gro…

A pure white T-shirt + a colored pen + a team’s idea


The answer is an exclusive customized work of art

Recently, the Shenzhen Branch of China Construction Eighth Engineering Group Southern Company held the 2020 We held a meeting for new employees and carried out the “I Spoke the Company·Gift to Southern Company” cultural shirt production activity. New students in each system of the branch formed their own groups to conduct on-site design and use their brushes to outline their blessings to the company.

So, what kind of high-end customization is it?

Come! Not much to say,


Baby No. 1

Business law system:Legal income, Governing enterprises according to law

On the front of the T-shirt, the landmark buildings built by the company are used to depict the development history of the Eighth Bureau South. The blank part symbolizes the infinite possibilities of the company’s development, waiting for new people to fill it. On the back of the T-shirt is a scale pattern made of three elements: steel bars, cement, and safety helmets. The orange money sign on the left represents our legal income under the sun, and the gavel on the right represents governing enterprises according to law. This is not only a topic faced every day in the work of the commercial law system, but also a common value of the eight bureaus.

Baby No. 2

Technological construction system:Tiejun version of Doraemon

The creativity comes from the animation IP Doraemon. The Doraemon from the future represents the good expectations and strict requirements for the future of all new concrete people. The bell symbolizes the sound of the safety alarm bell, and the treasure bag symbolizes future professional skills. I hope that the new employees who have just joined the company will have the courage to try various positions and learn various skills to enrich their “treasure bags”; I also hope that in the face of difficulties, like Doraemon, they will take out one after another from their stomachs. Problem-solving methods, all difficulties are easily solved.

Baby No. 3

Marketing system:Spread your wings and fly with “wings” Soaring into the sky

The overall pattern design uses red as the main tone, which means the vitality and passion of Xincon people. The eight games set the stage for me, and I dedicated my passionate youth to the eight games.

The pattern is mainly composed of two parts: the building group and the wings. The wings soar above the building group, representing spreading their wings to embrace the beautiful city and the future. The S element in the wing pattern design is taken from the initials of South, which represents the southern city of Shenzhen and the Eighth Bureau Southern Company. The eyes are left blank in the middle, symbolizing long-term vision.

Every stroke of the pattern drawing is accurately positioned, measured, and drawn accurately, and the size specifications are strict, which is to inherit the craftsmanship spirit of the company’s engineers.

Baby No. 4

Integrated system: Rush behind the waves and set sail for your dreams


The cultural shirts are based on elements such as sapphire and ocean. The simple and elegant patterns and profound text complement each other, highlighting the theme of “surging waves behind, dreams set sail”. Sapphire symbolizes us who have just joined the Eighth Bureau of the South. The ocean symbolizes dreams. New concrete people can fly here to their heart’s content. The rushing waves carry our young and unruly hearts, symbolizing our courage to ride the wind and waves.Go straight ahead and sail towards a better future.

May you and I carry our original beliefs and set sail toward the distant destination of our dreams.

Baby No. 5

Finance Department: Red Gene, Blue Power

The most prominent CSCEC classic blue background and white logo on the left chest indicates that we have become an indispensable part of Chinese architecture.

The red and blue colors on the left and right sides represent “red gene” and “blue power” respectively. Inherit the red gene and form a cultural galaxy. When party building is prosperous, state-owned enterprises will prosper; when party building is strong, state-owned enterprises will be strong. The color scheme of China Construction Blue represents China Construction’s continuous exertion of its unique blue power in the process of building a world-class enterprise. The calculator and money bag under the T-shirt represent that the finance and capital department will calculate every account, hold on to the money bag, and grasp every aspect of financial work.

Small creativity,

Gathering together,

means thinking big.

It is the recognition of corporate culture,

It is the understanding of job responsibilities,

It is also the direction of future efforts.

Such a T-shirt,

is worth owning!

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