China Fabric Factory Fabric News T-shirt + leggings are too vulgar (these 3 types of T-shirts are fashionable and slimming)

T-shirt + leggings are too vulgar (these 3 types of T-shirts are fashionable and slimming)

Some seemingly simple daily items are always ruthlessly ignored by everyone, thinking that they have no sense of fashion. However, the simpler the clothing, the more likely it is t…

Some seemingly simple daily items are always ruthlessly ignored by everyone, thinking that they have no sense of fashion. However, the simpler the clothing, the more likely it is to change the style, such as summer must-haves. The T-shirt is a typical example.
What is popular this summer are these three fashionable combinations of T-shirts. Those of you who are still wearing T-shirts and pants should take a closer look. The combination of pants and pants is already a thing of the past. This kind of sameness The trendy outfits have long been eliminated. Now take a look at these outfits!
★Question: Who are small pants not suitable for?
① Girls with too thick legs
The legs are too thick, and the shorts are tight, so it is easier to expose the shortcomings of thick legs.
②Girls whose legs are not straight
Girls whose legs are not straight, especially when wearing tight pants, can directly tell others about their shortcomings. The upper body of small-leg pants will only make their legs look bad. The shape becomes even more ugly.
☟Follow these 3 ways to wear T-shirts this summer
Idea 1, T-shirt + jeans
The combination of T-shirt and jeans is a very casual and daily outfit in summer , but the overall feeling is very comfortable and casual, and it is also suitable for most girls. It is basically not too picky.
★Exquisite dressing tips:
Tip1: The top can be worn with a knot
Generally, the top is tucked into the waistband of the pants. If you want to wear something different, you can wear a T-shirt. The hem becomes a design element, that is, you choose to knot it to turn the T-shirt into another unique item, which will be much more fashionable.

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Tip2: It is more advanced to slim up the top and make it wider at the bottom
Generally when wearing T-shirts in summer, it is recommended to slim down the upper body as much as possible, because the thick and fat parts are actually concentrated in the lower body Mostly. This way of wearing can not only create a more fashionable appearance, but also create better proportions and make the figure appear slimmer.
Tip3: Match according to style
①Cool all black
When you are all black, try to choose a T-shirt with a glossy feel, which will not easily appear white and rough. feel. And try to leave as much white space as possible so that it doesn’t look too dull and boring. For example, choosing a black T-shirt with a V-neck is a good choice.
②Cute and energetic color contrast method
To create a girly style full of vitality, you can use the western style contrast color method to match. It is originally a simple T-shirt and pants, but it can be matched with brighter and eye-catching colors. The collision of colors instantly makes the whole look look younger.
★Color matching appreciation: Peach pink T-shirt + nude pink jeans
For a pink dress, you don’t need to use the same color of pink all over the body, but similar pink tones are more attractive. The peach pink T-shirt embodies the girl’s sense of vitality. Paired with the relatively plain nude pink, it will not make the whole look exaggerated, but also reduce the age just right.
Idea 2, T-shirt + skirt
Paired with a skirt, you can perform a youthful girl style or a temperament beauty style. This has a great influence on the style and design of the skirt matched with the lower body. relation. Moreover, matching with skirts has more possibilities in terms of style than trousers.
★Exquisite dressing tips:
Tip1: Learn to choose skirts according to hip width
Body shape ⑴: Narrow hips
Recommended combination ①: T-shirt + pleated skirt
The pleated skirt comes with expanded accordion pleats, which can expand the hips to a certain extent. If you have a body shape with narrow hips and the lower body will not have an obvious sense of abruptness, you can use a T-shirt to match the pleated skirt, so that it will not make you look uncomfortable. The lower body will appear too narrow and the buttocks will appear fleshy.
Recommended matching ②: T-shirt + straight skirt
Choose a straight skirt that can highlight the slenderness of the lower body. When paired with a T-shirt, the upper body will also look very slim. The skirt of this design is not friendly to people with wide hips, but for people with narrow hips, it is an advantageous way of wearing it.
Body shape (2): wide hips and thick thighs
Recommended combination: T-shirt + umbrella skirt
Umbrella skirts and A-line skirts have the same purpose, and both are of the hip-covering type in terms of wearing effect. , and the version is also a high-waist design, so it not only shows the waist but also covers the hips, and also creates better proportions. Umbrella skirts are more fashionable in appearance and more retro in temperament than A-line skirts.
Tip2: Match according to age
①Young people can add design elements appropriately
Young women can have more possibilities in matching, but too old-fashioned clothes are not suitable for young people. In the matching of T-shirts and skirts, whether it is a T-shirt or a skirt, you can appropriately add some recognizable design elements.
② Try to be minimalist and elegant in the middle-aged stage
Middle-aged women have a calm, intellectual and elegant temperament. The collocations they choose should be simple and elegant as much as possible, paying special attention to the simplicity of the style and the stiffness of the fabric. , worn like this, even without bright colors and excessive design elements, it looks very high-end.
Three ideas, T-shirt + dress
Pairing T-shirts with dresses is more about layering. The way of layering can make the overall outfit more fashionable and appear more layered.
★Tips for exquisite outfits:
Tip1: Learn to use white T-shirts as a supplement
If you want to know that the eternal classic is the white T-shirt. As a supplement to various outfits, the white T-shirt can be paired with a dress.Above, there is no need to worry about making mistakes. And since it is summer, most dresses should be of fresh and bright styles. White T-shirts are just right and not too exaggerated.
Style Appreciation ①: Vitality Girl Style
Pairing for reference: denim skirt + white T-shirt
A suspender dress with a doll skirt design and denim elements, which is cute with a white T-shirt Just right. The combination of a white T-shirt and a denim skirt also gives people a clean and pure girly look.
Style Appreciation ②: Fresh vacation style
Pairing for reference: Satin green skirt + white T-shirt
Green brings people a feeling of hope, and that touch of green full of life, It is also a very suitable color for summer vacation. A very eye-catching fresh green color. When paired with a white T-shirt, it will not overshadow the skirt. It is fresh and clean.
Tip2: Decide the matching according to the characteristics of the occasion
✔Workplace atmosphere: simplicity
The characteristic of being used in the workplace is that it has a serious and capable feeling, so even if a T-shirt is paired with a dress, it will not Only by dressing too fancy and focusing on simplicity can you express this high-end feature.
✔Daily atmosphere: casual feeling
Daily casual atmosphere, such as denim elements, are more suitable to cater to this atmosphere, and the main thing is to be comfortable and reduce the sense of restraint. Therefore, it is ok to match the casual style to cater to the daily atmosphere.
✔Dating atmosphere: sweet feeling
Sweet feeling, suitable for date occasions. Choosing sweet popular elements or more delicate colors to match can create this kind of ladylike style with full sweetness, which is very attractive.
If you match summer T-shirts according to these patterns, I believe your summer outfits will have a different look. Don’t be obsessed with pairing T-shirts with leggings, these combinations are even better.

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